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  1. Irkin

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    The economic arguments are far from clear - what will be the effect of the development to the IOM Biosphere Reserve status and eco-tourism - how will it affect local self-catering holiday lets which across the whole island only had an occupancy rate of 46% during 2016 - the residents will be paying no rates etc etc
  2. Irkin

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    I listened to her as well. There have been some well reasoned objections submitted as part of the planning process which I assume she has read given she feels qualified to accuse anyone of objecting of just being a NIMBY. I'd love to hear why she thinks these objections are not valid. For instance, based on her own research why is it incorrect that the impact of sewage from 200+ residents being discharged into the Ayres Nature Reserve, an important eco-tourist attraction, has not be adequately assessed?
  3. Irkin

    Donald Trump

    2015 NTU Swedish Crime Survey: https://www.bra.se/bra/bra-in-english/home/crime-and-statistics/swedish-crime-survey.html Tend to suggest a more worrying trend than the 2014 stats posted earlier this week.
  4. Irkin

    Pea Shingle

    For North of island try: Island Aggregates tel:880220 based Point of Ayre
  5. Irkin

    Wanted: Artificial Plants

    Thanks for the replies
  6. Does anyone know if there are any IOM retailers of artificial plants? Thanks
  7. Irkin


    Just transferred from MT to Wimanx including migrating to ADSL2+. Have to say the whole transition was very efficient and painless – I am very impressed with the Wimanx team. Now comfortably achieving speeds greater than 12Mb/s download and 0.65Mb/s upload.
  8. Some routers will tell you - mine doesn't so I use NetMeter which is freeware software. You obviously need to install it on all the PCs connected to the router to get the total usage per connection.
  9. Thanks for your replies - very helpful. Cheers
  10. Does anyone have any idea what the island's ISPs would regard as excessive usage (data download + upload in GBs) on an unlimited package? My usage is only about 50GBs currently but I am wondering what level would start to 'interest' the ISP (currently Manx Telecom but considering Wi-Manx).
  11. Irkin

    Buying A House In The Isle Of Man

    Again thank you very much for the replies – very helpful in getting a clearer picture of how it works on the island. It seems stupidly we have assumed that the Isle of Man property market worked the same way as the UK and really we should have made a conditional offer. However unless a buyer is in an exceptionally strong position any conditional offer (i.e. no further viewings) would be rejected. The sector of the market we are looking at is very slow at the moment, most properties having been on the market for 6 – 12 months - might this tempt a vendor to accept such a conditional offer or does it just not work that way? Does anyone disagree that it would be best if we had written acceptance of our offer from the estate agent before proceeding with the survey - we will be asking our advocate this but it would be good to get your views? Looks like we should go ahead with the survey (subject to written acceptance of our offer) and hope they do not receive something better. It seems the best approach is to exchange contracts as soon as possible – assuming that after exchange of contracts both parties are legally committed to the agreement and neither side can withdraw as per the UK? Sorry if these questions appear naïve but as we’ve already found if you do not ask the silly questions it is easy to make mistakes, so any further thoughts will be gratefully received.
  12. Irkin

    Buying A House In The Isle Of Man

    Thanks for the feedback. Your replies mirror discussions we have had other Isle of Man residents and it seems there is no 'standard' procedure but depends on the estate agents and the vendors - although it does seem we should have received a written acceptance of letter offer by now. We will not proceed further until we recieve a written acceptance. We are also tempted to withdraw our offer unless the vendor agrees to terminate viewings as this seems to be the fair and principled way to operate. We are however mindful of the 'come overs expecting everything to operate as per the UK' type thinking and we absolutely do not want to act in this way. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, We love the island and have decided to relocate from the UK. We have made an offer on a property at 96% of the asking price and this was accepted a week ago according to the estate agent – so far so good. However since then we have had no written confirmation of the offer and the estate agent has become extremely difficult to get hold off. We have managed to get him to phone us back once and he seemed evasive. One thing we did learn however is that the house is still on the market and that the vendors are still taking viewings. In the meantime we are expected to spend money on a survey and conveyancing fees. Is this normal practice in the Isle of Man? Any comments appreciated