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  1. gossip1


    yeah - that, is more like it - and found out that a certain Jason Scales cannot be trusted..
  2. gossip1


    More bull sh*t no doubt. Who is *we* ?
  3. gossip1


    Really? I don't see it as this is a different story.
  4. gossip1


    No surprise really... with a track record with the person involved. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-companys-plans-to-buy-airline-up-in-the-air/
  5. No surprise it is shit as the iom govement are involved who havent a clue about anything..ofcourse they think they know better,maybe it has something to do with the alleged backhanders a few people have received for awarding the contract to V.
  6. Strand street sums up the iom..not a very cosmopolitan place - just take a look at the lack of good bars/restaurants/clubs compared to anywhere else in the world! The place seems to be dying on its feet and we know who to blame for that ! the usless goverment we have - which are all corrupt anyway - allegedly i might add otherwise this post may be removed.
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