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  1. These would have died as a result of the recent storms and Spring tides. I counted over 12 in January the day after the Ramsey floods - all fresh and not decaying but all broken. Haven't been back since but ringies, gulls and other animals will be having a feast on the corpses. Didn't see any condoms that time - were they on the beach or well away from the sea? (could they be returned from the flushing out to sea from Ramsey/Peel?)
  2. I saw a very old photo of the Mitre the other day and googled it out of curiosity - that was established in 1789 apparently.
  3. kyv

    Anpr Is Here

    We do actually have a bus lane.
  4. If the signs are up then surely the sensible thing to do is obey them regardless of the time of day. They are only there for a few days. You'd have to be short of something to worry about to stress about if you can do 70 on your way home tonight and then argue some technicality if it came to it. Again I agree - I'm just curious about the technicality and certainly have no ambitions to find out through a practical experiment. If I get the time to phone the relevant authorities I'll let you know - although I suspect it will be the signs rather than the order as that is indeed the sensible thing.
  5. Neither. The priority is anyone you see in the road. I agree. What I mean is; after 16:30 today to 09:30 tomorrow morning does the 50mph order cease to be applicable as stated meaning that you can travel faster than 50mph or do the signs take priority meaning that you cannot?
  6. There will be a temporary 50mph speed limit from the Ramsey Haipin to the Black Hut daily from 09:30 to 16:30. Traffic lights will opperate along the area of the mountain mile to enable edge carriageway repairs and drainage work to take place http://www.gov.im/residents/roadnotifications/Notification.aspx?id=3942 My only question is which takes priority - the 50mph signage or the order that states that the limit is only valid between 09:30 and 16:30?
  7. Putting one at the point of Ayre might be a good idea - that bin is always full and stacked up around the base.
  8. Unless they were told that the customs police were in on it or family were also threatened etc. It's easy enough to make people do something once they believe that they don't actually have a choice or that the choice will have dire consequences. Of course they could equally be lying and have volunteered for the whole thing with this being the "what if we get caught" ploy. But the OP is correct - this should be interesting to watch.
  9. I was being facetious. Simple fact is that we have no money - the world apparently has no money, there is not enough money anywhere for anything anymore, soon I imagine that the mint won't be able to afford the resources to manufacture money and that money being manufactured wouldn't exist anyway. The sky is falling, the rich get richer the poor get poorer, food, water, heating, clothing, medicine, housing, pensions, crime, jobs, security are in short demand and in crisis and th model is failing. Without substantially reducing the population something will have to snap and we'll end up using CS as a food source glad that they managed to eat so much.
  10. That does imply that CS are not taxpayers :-)
  11. It could be argued that Brewdog produce the epitome of brewing due to pushing the boundaries of acceptable ale to abv values the equivalent of many a spirit. Alas whether such beer is palatable and indeed quantifiable as being above all others is another thing entirely. I have supped many an ale which surpasses Caffrey’s but I could not single out the single brew which is the utmost pinnacle of achievement as it is yet to be brewed. As such I can offer no suitable alternative save to say that the popular Wychwood, Holt, and Phoenix breweries offer much better ales all round as do many a micro brewery and alehouse in and around the UK. There is a veritable endless list of ales which will forever keep Caffery's in the lower circles of beer hell with Okell’s, Fosters, Carling and Stella. Perhaps the epitome of beer could be your next new topic. . .
  12. That it certainly is not. But a good example of one mans ideal being the opposite of anothers. Same as a Utopia, for some it would be Heaven and for others Hell and just as easily interchangable for each.
  13. True but the mortgagee cannot tell you how to decorate, extend, modify and live in the house (except at the point of drawing down the mortgage based on surveys etc). The bank isn't a landlord and isn't responsible for fixing your leaky pipe or broken boiler etc. Based on that I would say that by having a mortgage you do own the house provided that you meet the repayment terms.
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