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  1. pogo


    on =SGR=Pogo - Pogo phonics and pogo r me i dnt think i would install hacks and then go on my own clan servers pb streamed server ... anyway appeal has been denied so screw it
  2. pogo


    ive got banned on wednesday by pb for violation aimbot and on the ban info page i saw tht my ip was diff to mine along with a long list of other ip's tht have used my cdkey. the ip which was banned is which is also an ip used frm the iom somewebsites say ramsey others just list the isp hometown. does this mean tht some1 frm iom has obtaind my cdkey somehow and have abused it?
  3. Line Attenuation 6 db 1.5 db Noise Margin 16 db 31 db is this gd? been upgraded to 8meg in peel last wednesday and since then had few probs on games like bf2 and cod4 with the games sayin connection interpupted etc often then it will be fine again
  4. pogo

    Sam Barks - I'd Do Anything

    no im just bored of the whole isle of sam and i think its crap to change the name of our island just cause of a talent show to gain attention (even though its a mess about)
  5. pogo

    Sam Barks - I'd Do Anything

    im so sick of all this isle of sam crap - just cause shes in a talent contest on tv no need to add all this crap so annoyin hope she losses just so can go bak to normal without posters and stuff everywhere cause it'll get worse if she wins
  6. pogo

    Alonso Dirty Tricks On His Team Mate

    It was Hamilton's own fault for gettin held up for ignoring team orders to let the lighter Alonso past in final Qualiy. P.S i hope Hamilton crashes out again soon tht was great t'other week
  7. pogo

    Runaway Bus

    Pulrose T**T's supposedly did it after the manu - chelsea game
  8. Hey all, Any got vista home premium 64? I am after new ethernet modem and was wondering if any1 had 1 and wher they got it frm and if works fine with vista?
  9. thanks all - just one more thing can u use landline phones still? and would i need to get voip phone to work with the router?
  10. Hi, im thinking of switching frm MT to Wii Manx and would like to now if anyone else use's them and if there good (connection,customer service) I would be usin a desktop pc upstairs aswell as a laptop up and dwnstairs, and was thinking off getting Speedtouch 780WL ADSL modem and router, and Speedtouch 121G (wireless USB adapter). Cheers
  11. pogo

    Bf2142 Comp

    Follow this link if you want the chance to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Winner will be given a pass to attend the STALKERthon where you’ll get unrestricted access to play the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. at the Omega-Sektor in Harrow England, UK. http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...howtopic=185085 Read this then join the [GR] bf2142 server and win!!
  12. pogo

    Mobile Phone

    Wot Mobile Phone do ppl reccommed for bout 150 ish? and where to buy frm? cheers
  13. pogo

    Computer Shops

    nowt atm just seeing wot we have ere. As i only new bout pc solutions and waltons.
  14. pogo

    Computer Shops

    Wot Pc shops do we have over here??