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  1. It comes with an hour meter fitted so can't that be inspected to see if it's actually got 4 and a bit hours on the clock?
  2. "no science to support the efficacy of face masks"..... You should write to the hospital and explain that to them. They could save a fortune by not wearing masks when carrying out surgery, operations etc.
  3. Not to mention all the time wasted by the Scottish coastguard.....
  4. Absolutely - and little children left behind will grow up and think "Daddy loved motorbike racing more than he loved me"
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/dec/09/no-flush-movement-composting-toilet-clean-water-waste-fertiliser-eco-revolution
  6. If we don't farm animals how will we fertilise the massive amount of crops we'll need?
  7. Climate change - I'm waiting for the pony tailed princess to latch onto the banning of motor sport. I can just see her now, racing yacht ploughing up Douglas beach, whipping out her megaphone and lecturing the crowds in the Grandstand about the damage their sport is doing to the climatet, and they just need to look at the ice melting in the gin and tonics in the hospitality tent to see the effect it has already had etc....
  8. Someone here said "the internet has changed everything". I hadn't realised that TC didn't trade on the internet. If you couldn't book flights online then it's no wonder it got into such a mess.
  9. These are great. Did you colourise the colour ones that are duplicates? Also liking the past/present superimpositions.
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