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  1. Thie Veg

    TT 2021 ??

    Out of curiosity I wonder why we have to wait until the cooking oil has been used before recycling it into Biofuel? We're all going to have to eat a hell of a lot more chips to keep the transport systems running smoothly in the future. Quite a nice prospect, though, as long as the curry sauce supplies don't dry up.
  2. Thie Veg

    TT 2021 ??

    And if you ask any school child what is the biggest issue in the world today, they will repeat the mantra that's been drummed into them by their trendy lefty teachers that it is the twin evils of climate change and plastic. Never mind the wars, poverty, CIVID etc, it's climate change and furthermore it's climate change that's caused the wars, poverty and COVID in the first place. Oh yes. Also if you ask a child what their ambitions are for their future, many just say that they want to become a climate change scientist without any notion of what this involves.
  3. Thie Veg

    TT 2021 ??

    I just did some Googling about Biofuels. Seems they still chuck out loads of CO2 but the thought is that it is offset somewhat by the next crop of Biofuel plants which are sitting in the ground, growing, and absorbing CO2 for photosynthesis or whatever. The same thinking goes on to say that the growing of the plants requires motorised methods of production (ploughing and so on) to be done on an industrial scale that would be needed to supply the world's requirements, and therefore Biofuels will have little or no advantage over traditional fossil fuels in terms of climate friendliness. There's also mention of the gases given off my the spent plants decomposing after they have had the Biofuel ingredients squeezed out of them, which can be harvested to heat homes etc but will still add to overall CO2 and methane gas levels in the atmosphere.
  4. " cycling proficiency certificates" ?? You sound far too old to play on these scooters, anyway. At the very least they need to be ridden by people capable of fast reactions, not old people with slow reflexes and a doddery sense of balance. As for your "overrun by furious cyclists" comment, many would beg to differ. As an aside, where I am at the moment even cyclists are making noises about all the scooters on the roads. I am talking about the private e-scooters, that are illegal and unregulated, and appearing everywhere. The official ones just use the pavements, like the cyclists.
  5. Gosh, you wait until they are amongst you. God help you if you are a pedestrian, a dog walker, have kids, push a pram, are elderly, partially sighted etc. Look at all the schoolboy racers you see today - they are the e-scooter users of tomorrow.
  6. The snag with them is that they get used on footpaths where people are walking. If you feel vulnerable with people cycling on pavements, footpaths etc just wait until you experience e-scooters. The privately owned ones, which we have all seen across, tend to be ridden by selfish youths or aggressive immature young men at speed on pavements and then jumping randomly out in front of users of the main highway. I have seen mini-tsunamis of them during my enforced stay over here in England, and it's not nice. You also get loads of mothers taking their children for a whiz around standing on the same e-scooter. E-bikes are OK but they are often chipped to remove the speed restriction, and ridden by people who only have a vague idea of the highway code. Unlike car drivers, who can easily be traced by their number plates, e-bikes are anonymous, and in any case, the police here in Guildford, at least, are too lazy to go after any law-breakers.
  7. It comes with an hour meter fitted so can't that be inspected to see if it's actually got 4 and a bit hours on the clock?
  8. "no science to support the efficacy of face masks"..... You should write to the hospital and explain that to them. They could save a fortune by not wearing masks when carrying out surgery, operations etc.
  9. Not to mention all the time wasted by the Scottish coastguard.....
  10. Absolutely - and little children left behind will grow up and think "Daddy loved motorbike racing more than he loved me"
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/dec/09/no-flush-movement-composting-toilet-clean-water-waste-fertiliser-eco-revolution
  12. If we don't farm animals how will we fertilise the massive amount of crops we'll need?
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