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  1. The Dutch certainly didn't risk their people's lives to bring the child to the Netherlands.....
  2. Blimey I'm off to sign for Castletown - Qatar in 2022 needs my skill!
  3. Amsterdam also has cafes selling cake - these would be enormously popular over here.
  4. Can we get Audi to pay for the extra fuel we'll use, and also compensate for the time spent waiting in queues on the remaining open roads?
  5. Hadn't realised it was the Isle of Man side LOL
  6. Don't forget we entrants also had to get a question right for our paid-for entries to go into the draw, so there would have been less tickets in the actual draw than bought, due to wrong answers.
  7. Wondered about the long term effect would be if this caught on - these underwater data centres will conduct their heat to the sea, thus warming it up at lower depths.
  8. Sounds daft but your son's expression is just right for the background of the street, somehow. Someone else mentioned this above. He looks slightly cynical, if that's the right word. It is a great photo.
  9. Less the stock transport costs across the sea
  10. I thought that. And if that is a key skill that these immigrants have we'll need to keep our upstairs windows locked.
  11. I'd worry that with a disability an employer is going to pick someone able-bodied rather than me as they'd more reliably get to work on time
  12. Now it turns out we've got to bring our own food: Picnic How are we going to carry a hamper without messing up our finest outfits?
  13. Yes - what have we to offer the tourist that Ireland has not?
  14. So less able people will be discriminated against in the job market as employers risk the risk they'll be able to get into work on time/at all?
  15. Did anyone hear what sentence he got? The media didn't seem to mention him again.
  16. And their April 1st offering is still in the news section,.
  17. Yes but they're not running their business on public property.
  18. You are not a peasant Kevmeister, you are a voter, and people here seem to forget that. The fact that they get upset when you remind them goes to show how much they'd love to suppress the democratic process to further their own ends, if they could get away with it.
  19. A curious question - has the car space been block booked off on the Racket already, so that it is reserved for the cars as and when the owners decide to book? Or will they pay their money and take the chance that there is room on the boat for them?
  20. All these closed roads, walkers, cyclists, motorbikes, rallying and now "super" cars. When's the next election?
  21. In a way, closing a public road off so that someone can run their business on it is akin to a hotel closing off a beach and only letting their own guests on it, and this does happen in many parts of the world.
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