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  1. A lot of the caches along there are just mini caches ie pieces of paper in a camera film canister. My daughter loves caches with swaps. Archellagan is really good for those. Also found a trackable up at the point of Ayre that started in the States
  2. I too have been inside the house. It's main raison d'etre I think was to house his clocks. It's beautiful inside and out and set at a fabulous vantage point. I was lucky enough to be there for a charity event and spent a large portion of the time stood upstairs, outside on the roof on a warm summers evening. If I had the money I'd buy the place
  3. Might be the cost of upkeep on an ageing system. Is it predominantly voice systems on ISDN these days. It's the big push towards VOIP etc
  4. mbx

    F1 2018

    Kimi......Sauber ???????
  5. £500k, it was a lot more than that
  6. As I stated.....it was a rumour...not fact that I could substantiate.
  7. One fact and one rumour for you . With regards to the entertainment outside the HR tent (stuntbikes,Purple helmets etc) this was all funded by HR. They paid for the entertainment to come over and provided beer/donations to the Purple Helmets. That's the facts over with. Now the rumour.........Bushys were give £100k to help setup their village in the Villa.......
  8. If the weather had been bad like previous years, how many punters would have stood outside at the Villa and how many would have been in the dry at the bottleneck carpark ? Many different variables have played here, but the punters have won in the end. The HR site was originally designed completely differently to the tent that was put there but there was mis-communication in the planning department and Health & Safety so the plan was stalled until rescued at the eleventh hour. It was then too late to do the original plan so they had to go to a backup. In the meantime the brewery looked at the HR plans and nicked it to create their new format at the grandstand .....
  9. Perhaps they have a different date on their contract ? Maybe they don't have to be out for a few days ?
  10. I'm only going by what Google told me....... How to get the Red Arrows to your event
  11. Regarding the cost of the display to the requester (ie the IOM Government), a figure of around £9000 is the current asking price. The team can receive upwards of 400 requests a year for a display and are only able to do around a quarter of them due to time constraints
  12. ..and whilst it was all tied up in planning H&B looked at the plans that HR submitted, thought "Ooohh, those containers look like a good idea" and submitted a reduced idea for the Grandstand. Now, if HR want to do their original idea next year people are just going to assume that they're copying H&B !
  13. Actually not true down at HR. 4 out of the top 5 (including one's wife) are putting in 12 to 14 hour days down at the tent doing everything from moving rubbish bins to sweeping up and restocking the bars
  14. mbx

    TT 2018

    1st counter-clockwise return that I remember was after David Jeffries' accident in 2003. I was at the QB with family and it was eerie to watch a slow procession of bikes going back to the Grandstand up Quarterbridge Road....
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