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  1. Rather odd post on taken from their Facebook page....
  2. Exactly - He seems to be suggesting that you can only take good photographs if you have an expensive camera + kit - It can help, but it doesn't mean your photos are automatically any good.
  3. I noticed an interesting post on Facebook this morning by somebody calling themselves Isle of Man TT 2013 - I'm assuming that this isn't a official rep of the ACU or whoever. What a load of cobblers though. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=445337105562790&id=404486072981227
  4. I nearly fell off my chair when he said that. Very Alan Partridge.
  5. Is that a camera in his window?
  6. G.E.M. - came promptly for an estimate and carried out the work within a couple of weeks - probably competitive on price with other firms. +1 - Graham is excellent. GEM all the way.
  7. Where would you be able to put it for it to be useful? And no - Personally I wouldn't want one. ( edited coz me canny typo n stuff)
  8. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-business/article-24013220-james-murdoch-quits-the-boards-of-sun-and-times.do
  9. Yeah.... not funny.
  10. NikoB

    Any Ideas

    How bizarre! Perhaps a problem with the cable? ( if there is one!)
  11. Stick with the download and be more patient Ugh, Over an hour to download a 55mb file? Is that a problem my end of the connection, or is the Manx Radio site piss poor?
  12. Thanks for that. Hope it's a sign of things to come at MR. Can anyone suggest another way of listening to this? Keeps stalling when trying to stream, and downloading is painfully slow... Cheers,
  13. Don't think you are doing your party any favours with an attitude like that snowflake.
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