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  1. There seems to be a spectacular lack of any kind of advertising or promotion/encouragement prior to the election.
  2. I notice Manx Radio broadcast a program trying to discredit the dairy intolerant today, a view Manx farmers would be in favour of? http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/04/veganism-could-save-world-new-study-argues
  3. Ah, did one remind you of your grandmother and the other was just an annoying person who was delaying you?!
  4. Sadly Woolley I think you are correct. France is one example of this in their hysterical drive to ban the niquab - an obvious visible sign of a different culture.
  5. I'm not sure why you deduce from this that local farmers are producing too much meat? I thought the general point was that the local meat plant was charging too much, so farmers can get a better price for selling their their live produce to Dunbia? (see original post) You can't blame the local farmers for wanting a fair price for their produce and it seems that the live export trade is well regulated - see Gazza's post #26
  6. With the possible end of the red meat derogation, can we blame the Manx farmers for looking to other markets? While I would not personally go for cheap meat imports, I'm sure (in these times of economic hardship) some people will. Page 3: http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/daff/Newsletters/agrinewsjan2010.pdf
  7. Many things are nowadays classed as racism which don't fit the original dictionary definition of "hatred of a person solely due to their race". It is racist to hate a person because he/she is a different colour to you but it is current fashion to be branded racist if you express the slightest concern that a MULTI racial society might be bad for ALL concerned in the future. Bad times come; people fight. It's human nature. The multi racial society is now a fact and isn't going to go away. It would be far better imo if we could get over our tribal mentality and work together rather than tryi
  8. I live near Central Prom and I'm quite happy as a 40ish year old woman to walk home alone after a night out (though rare these days!) I think the reports of violence seem to mainly involve young guys who are only interested in fighting between themselves. I frequently walk past teenagers on the promenade, who I don't find in the least threatening and are far more interested in either each other or their phones ect. than me! People need to get a grip and stop believing all they read in the Daily Mail etc.
  9. I would only ever buy locally produced lamb, beef and pork, but I understand that Manx farmers have a business to run, if that means that they have to export their excellent quality produce to the uk, then so be it. I have eaten inferior quality meat when in the uk and it just makes me appreciate what I have available to me here.
  10. I'll still be going to Coffee Corner on Finch Road, very good coffee, pleasant staff and a loyalty scheme.
  11. Maybe they do not enforce the existing exclusion zone? Though I personally think this would be a waste of someone's valuable time. As long as people aren't smoking inside the hospital then really what's the problem - live and let live etc.
  12. queenie


    I really think that making it easier for people to vote would really help. The last time I had to vote for a bye election for Douglas East, the polling station was at the Promenade Church. I usually walk into work, so this was a 20 minute detour from my usual route. But actually from my house it was a good 20 minute walk, if I were not already walking into town to go to work, then this would be a significant effort, especially since there is limited free parking in the vicinity
  13. queenie


    Has online voting ever been trialled anywhere, or is this too open to fraud? Maybe if people were given a unique number then registered a password etc, like online banking?
  14. I believe it was also very popular during the summer months
  15. I agree that sports facilities on the Island are excellent, however not everyone is into sport. When I was a teen in the 80s, there were a lot more leisure facilities. Summerland - including rollerdisco and weekly U18's disco at the Cave, Crescent leisure centre - a major teen hang out back in the day with fairground style rides/attractions as well as the gambling/gaming machines and I seem to remember a couple of the hotels along the prom used to put on the occasional U18's disco. These were large venues where teens could wander in and out at will - unlike the heavily policed and very o
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