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  1. But its all OK because now we have Hybrid cars, energy saving light bulbs and recycling!
  2. I wonder if he will give out his the recipe for his special batter?
  3. FFS should have ordered from Game, my order is still sitting in Plays warehouse, how they expect it to get here for tomorrow even with out the postal strike is beyond me, I cant even cancel it and pop in to town as its gone to "packing"
  4. Yes I was told the story by one of the longest standing and most respected technical inspectors.
  5. I agree that Padget's service is shocking, tried to buy a scooter a few years back as a run around while recovering, barely acknowledge me then made it pretty clear he didn't want to sell me anything. Didn't get great service from Road and Track trying to buy a few hundred quids worth of parts though, nor when I bought the bike originally actually. I heard a story about Padget's ruining a race engine a few TTs back, although the details are fuzzy.
  6. Its unlikely you will be banned for playing a legit copy early, pre release bans tend to be down to bad rips, copies not being stealthed properly. Even if you do get a ban it is possible to have it lifted by contacting MS, I think they ask a crap load of question, proof of purchase stuff. I think it is in the MS terms of service not to play pre-release material so liability falls to you for choosing to play early.
  7. I did use a v2 on ADSL2+ but you will only get a maximum downspeed of 8mbs due to hardware limitations.
  8. A few years back there was a head line in the Courier "Gold Fish Saved From Fun Fair" The half page story then detailed how the police and MSPCA had saved a load of Gold Fish from being given out as prizes during TT.
  9. But legally they are very similar, they are both infringements of the rights holders license. While one my be morally justifiable it is still illegal, in much the same way.
  10. This part. Sky+ isn't breaking the law. A CD onto an mp3 player and home taping might be depending on your interpretation, but I'm not aware of any president. Downloading movies definitely is. MP3 and home taping is against the law, although you would be hard pressed to fine a company willing to prosecute some one who has copied a CD they have purchased to their iPods. This is why you are starting to see DVDs and Blu-Rays with "Digital Copies" included for use on personal devices, its more that the vendor is selling you the "iPod" license along with the DVD one. However if the "Copyright collective", A Canadian copyright licensing group, has their way then any format or time shifting will be illegal. I am still unsure as to the exact legal stance of Sky+ if I am honest, but it would fall on BSkyB rather than the end user if legality was to be challenged. Just to clarify one point Slim "Downloading Movies" isn't always breaking the law. It depends on where and what you download, for example downloading from iTunes or other licensed vendors is perfectly legal.
  11. Sky+ sidesteps copyright issues by only recording encrypted broadcasts, then decrypting when you watch them. Having said that, I'm not justifying my actions, so I don't see your questions as relevant. From my point of view, downloading movies via Bitttorent is theft, and if you do that you are depriving people of income. I'm not saying I don't also break that law in various ways from time to time, I'm just not justifying it with any sort of natural law claptrap. I am not trying to justify any thing just trying to highlight the major flaws in our current system. I assume as you did not deny it that you have copied CDs to an MP3 player? In which case you broke copy right, and in the eyes if the law and the music industry no better than a pirate who has downloaded from a torrent. By coping the CD you are still denying the rights holder funds as the legal method would be to buy a digital copy of the music right the included rights to use the track on an MP3 player. So it is still theft, you are depriving people of income, but its ok because you can justify it in your own mind in which ever way makes you feel better. When it comes to copyright the law is most defiantly and arse.
  12. On a semi related point to where this thread has gone I would like to bring up the ridiculous state of our current Copyright laws by asking 2 questions. 1) Do you own either and MP3 player or Sky+ 2) Have you ever copied a CD you own on to your MP3 player, or recorded a programme to watch later on Sky+
  13. Fantastic! I've got no morals at all, so you wont mind if I come round your gaff tomorrow to grab all your stuff? I did mention that was within the framework of natural law. Put simply theft is a crime not because of The Theft Act; it is a crime because were it not to be then that would be harmful to social cohesion. This is what I mean by natural justice. The Theft Act is an attempt to reflect this morality, if it inadvertently covers actions which are not harmful to other citizens these provision can be ignored. In much the same way that the act would be given a purposive interpretation in law were it to be found to have omitted areas through an error of drafting it was intended to cover. In summary then: the law is an imperfect drafting of a perfect concept. The whole point of my rant was that it's not up to the subjectivity of the citizens' moral nor up to the subjectivity of the state's morals to make law; law is the result of natural justice. The only morality that is relevant in law making is that of protecting social cohesion and, by extension, the rights of its citizens. Are you sure your not LDV? I will admit downloading the odd film and some TV, however only ever films I own as its a hell of a lot quicker to download a decent version than it is to rip it. However format and time shifting is still illegal in this country, we have no fair use policy built in to our copyright laws, you buy a DVD you only have the right to watch it in a DVD player, the same goes for CDs
  14. I doubt many drugs come in on the beaches at present, however boats coming into the marinas and the Steam Packet ships. Random searches of ships and passengers in to the island and harsh (massive fines long prison terms deportation ect.) penalties for the importers.
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