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  1. please could you possibly send the deets to myself also
  2. King Orry


    Does anyone know what happened in the end of this matter ??
  3. http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/fsc//detailedassessmentofobservanceof.pdf page 10 / points 7 & 18
  4. Back on point regarding TB. Is it right to feel, that maybe TB's sentence was a little harsh when compared to these three rogues. Nick Leeson - £1.4 Billion - 6.5 Years (out after 3 years) Jerome Kerviel - £6.9 Billion - 3 Years (plus two suspended) Roys Poyiadjis - £111million - 0 Years (for cooperation in TB case)
  5. So is the next trial by Jury? When is it being held ?
  6. Quite right - hence using the magic word 'allegedly' which renders one devoid of any liability whatsoever as we all know. Fear not, if anything even slightly touchy gets mentioned the thread will be removed. Viva ManxForums. perhaps wazthere was giving her his 'lobster'?? What is happening with this ?
  7. the issue is not the flags but the attitude polarized in scotland by not having a team in the world cup. I would have no problem supporting scotland in a world cup or irland like in usa 1994. I would never support a team (like trinidad&tobago) playing against a home nation just because i wanted them to lose. Its sad and pathetic
  8. i am currently in scotland and whilst i consider myself to be both manx and english, the xenophobia the scots have against the english is quite incredible. But this humbles me in a way, as i think very few manx people would begrudge england world cup glory like the scots do. And yes the notorious flags and every other advert on TV are a bit much, but it is surely it is only a bit of fun and no harm comes from it. For the record i believe the influx of people from the main land has only done this island good. so altogether, down with xenophobia COME ON ENGLAND
  9. thank you for your suggestions its amazing how much you learn on this site.
  10. sorry just another peelite i offended tell me stavros as you come from peel did you have a close family
  11. hiya all, i was just wondering, statsically speaking more single people use sites like this, so i was thinking we should all go down to peel (gene pool of two) and just get freaky naughty. On the other hand i think i would prefer to have my bollocks chopped off with a rusty pair of nail scissors than go to peel again so any suggestions to where ( and no not ramsey either )KO ps i am here all week
  12. why can i not nominate for some reason , me thinks like a lot of things on this site it be rigged
  13. try a night in castletown 'painful'
  14. ah the dear old moderators 'quick to quip ' routine
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