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  1. Yeah you should see all the money Pfizer are giving me!!! There are likely people who had bad reactions to the vaccine. It seems to be roughly the same people who would end up with long Covid. Describing it as "1000s of adverse events" on island when everyone knows 99% of that is people with the sniffles does nothing to help convince people.
  2. Its not the same metric. You're comparing people who died within 28 days of catching covid (so a pre-requisite is catching covid, which filters out a significant part of the population) to people dying within 28 days of being vaccinated in a country with an almost total vaccination rate. Edit: Not to mention that the most vulnerable, i.e. the people who are most likely to die in the next 28 days from any cause, are also the people who've had the most vaccinations.
  3. Joney's comment on the financial side of it was that it'll be 2030+ before the gas is in a position to be sold, at which point gas is likely not to be as financially beneficial as renewables anyway. I think that's probably right
  4. She has. Both on her FB, and in the linked audio clip. Honestly does anyone on here actually put any effort at all into looking for something before whinging it doesn't exist?
  5. She stood on a fairly green manifesto and got elected.
  6. Judging by the FB comments, most of the public in support of it don't seem to appreciate that if the gas exists, and if it's extractable, it's still many years away from being of any benefit to the Manx Public. And it being of benefit to the Manx Public relies on the Govt being able to negotiate a contract that both provides us benefit, and is acceptable to Crogga. The whole thing is a load of meh.
  7. Nah the hacked Twitter thing was rubbish.
  8. Oh no we said his name too many times and he appeared
  9. Log back on later after a few drinks please.
  10. Dr Glover's alleged stalker/harasser, David Ashford's girlfriend, is the person who put Josem forward for MHK.
  11. It's very, very funny that the same people arguing against sorting out pay and conditions so that we can actually attract teachers to the profession are now whinging about the results of not having enough staff leading to not enough resilience in the service to deal with absence.
  12. Got the figures to assert that or are you just sitting at home staring out the window at your neighbours again?
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