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  1. 5.95mm probably! And yeah, I've always had 'exposure' to .22 rifles and air rifles, but always with adult supervision, which perceived "toys" don't usually have.
  2. Certainly, but all imitation firearms (which the item in question is, and a nerf gun is not) I'm aware of that fire projectiles do so with sufficient muzzle velocity to blind people.
  3. Was mostly out of interest, but if it does fire some sort of projectile it makes the "It was for a child" defence a bit weaker.
  4. Do you know if it fired any sort of projectile? Unusual for a "toy" to have a magazine.
  5. It was a "self-catering" service I sold you. Just pour PVA glue over the whole job like I would've done anyway.
  6. There's a "reasonable defence" for carrying an imitation firearm every Sunday. There isn't a reasonable defence for carrying one on your lap during a traffic stop (or any other time), mind. Sounds like Mr Bond thought he'd pretend to be in a movie and got (rightly) shafted for it. On the other hand, as the owner of a number of imitation firearms, I'd have preferred Jayne Hughes use different language in that prosecution.
  7. The story is where I got that quote from.
  8. Why was one police officer tasked with stopping an entire group of bikes? Why was an entire group of bikes stopped "to stop a dangerous driver" (not my words). Very strange.
  9. HeliX

    Vet Fights Back

    It doesn't directly state she is cheaper - as I said, it's just a plausible inference. But again, not one I necessarily agree with!
  10. HeliX

    Vet Fights Back

    Okay but the other way to write that bit in bold is that the vet is cheaper, which infers that you do care about the money. Not that I necessarily agree with that inference, but it's what the other poster was alluding to - not misreading.
  11. HeliX

    Gov Data security

    Anyone know if the Gov currently utilises any sort of Security Assessment service?
  12. HeliX

    Vet Fights Back

    Looks like Vader has also banned anyone who posted the above details to his page. Apparently making false claims about a vet is fine, but posting the real results is not. Who knew. Or perhaps its just that it makes him look a big tit.
  13. Got a few bits hooked into https://home-assistant.io running on a server under the stairs. You can do showing off stuff like having the living room lights dim automatically when you start a film on Plex (or other media server of your preference). Not necessary really, but it does make people go "Ooh, look at you, fancy twat". Which is what life is all about right?
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