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  1. The concern would be that there'll be a bit of "boy who cried wolf" for a lot of the population, and if the next one is genuinely murderous... Anyway, let's not have another please. Really jonesing for some of those precedented times we used to have.
  2. Yes, but what was being deleted appears to be violations of ToS and revenge porn (i.e. Hunter Biden's cock). The whole release is very boring and uninteresting, and deliberately curated by Elon. Meh.
  3. That release was such a wet noodle. Republicans were expecting their smoking gun and ended up with more of a damp match.
  4. Which freedoms are Labour removing again? The right to protest? Oh no hang on...
  5. Labour consistently posts costed budgets and manifestos, the Conservatives consistently give billions of pounds to their mates for things that never end up existing. But sure, Labour are going to sink the economy...
  6. Have you tried getting upset about it?
  7. The average moanin line caller has more than one head.
  8. Not a clue how many voted to strike, nor how many of the members are active teachers. Not much arsed either.
  9. Like you did re: retired union members, of course...
  10. But the reason you like this climatologist and not the ones who outnumber her by many orders of magnitude is not because you think her conclusions are scientifically more sound, it's because she's saying what you're prefer to hear.
  11. That wasn't the question. People go out sick all the time. They go to work sick, they send their kids to nursery/school sick.
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