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  1. Eventually maybe. Certainly not in the short term.
  2. No chance. They'll want somewhere with predictable, mostly straightforward roads (i.e. motorways etc).
  3. Not content with polluting the night sky, he wants to pollute our skylines too?
  4. 99.9% specificity for LFT isn't it? Anecdotally, my friends have been taking 10 days iso (and checking positive-ness a few times over that period) if they return a positive LFT rather than bothering to wait for an appointment to get PCR tested.
  5. Yes, but she couldn't go on the bus. I'm not asking what the family members of people in hospital positive with Covid are doing. I'm asking how a Covid positive person can be discharged if they have no-one to take them home.
  6. But she can't get on the bus, and she's analogous to the patient.
  7. It was the logistics I was thinking of really - how do they get home without being in close contact with others?
  8. An obvious question would be do they send people home while they're still testing positive?
  9. Perhaps. Moreso utilitarian. Her shitespewing over the last 18 months has likely damaged a number of lives. If I had a preference it'd be for her to stop being a complete knob and trying to convince people to do things that are more likely to cause them serious harm, but that doesn't seem likely, so second best option...
  10. I was rather hoping she'd died by now.
  11. Now that's what I call living dangerously.
  12. Wonder how much that was impacted by the huge numbers isolating in Douglas.
  13. 13 too many, but glad he lost.
  14. Might be pushing the limit of the requirements for this scheme if that pay is post-NI, but some people I know have had great success with this poorly publicized Govt offering: https://www.gov.im/categories/home-and-neighbourhood/affordable-housing/mid-rent-scheme-properties-currently-available/ Otherwise, best of luck. I'm a reasonable whack older than you and well paid, but the only reason we could afford our house was through inheritance money. Our mortgage is now lower than our rent was in a tiny flat. Go figure.
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