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  1. After being antagonised...
  2. Strikes me as someone who cares about their kid and is unsure exactly what has been said in schools and whether it's appropriate or not, to me. I wholly disagree with his conclusions, but the questions seem to be coming from a genuine place rather than malice.
  3. What? Just use the sex ed lessons. What a weird argument.
  4. It isn't. There were plenty in my year at school messing around from Year 8 upwards - that I know of. So probably some in Year 7, too. The better informed they are are of what is OK and what isn't, the safer they'll be when they do what they're going to do anyway.
  5. Teapot is wrong, but behave yourself.
  6. It's wild how quickly you can go off a person. Just kidding.
  7. Yup! Though whether I'm cool or not will depend heavily on who you ask.
  8. Yeah probably but I was waiting for some reports to finish running at work and my YouTube recommended was full of tripe.
  9. I wonder who I'm supposed to be this time
  10. Normal behaviour for a normal human.
  11. Tbh I think if you get to the point where you're citing Elon Musk as a source your argument is probably shite.
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