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  1. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    Is Stu a classic example of what you're claiming? There's a pretty big difference between Joe Bloggs sharing an opinion on Facebook and a publicly funded broadcaster doing it on company time. Plenty of people are sharing opinions on local news pages on Facebook with no repercussions. I don't think there's quite the anti-speech epidemic you're suggesting.
  2. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    I don't disagree with this. I'm saying that the people claiming you can't say anything anti-BLM are wrong.
  3. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    Perhaps so, but there are also plenty of people posting anti-BLM sentiments on Facebook, some of them (whether deliberately or not) pretty unpleasantly. Seemingly the only consequence they've had is someone like me pointing out that they're behaving poorly.
  4. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    I'm not picking on you particularly, just that this happens to be the most recent example in this thread of the "I can't say anything contrary to [whatever]!" comments. This entire thread is full of people doing just that. And they're not the ones being shouted down. It is very clearly not the case that you can't express an opinion. RE: Cancel culture, this video is good, even if I don't see the need for his tone throughout.
  5. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    It wasn't long ago that people would've made similar comments about whom you should be attracted to based on your genitalia.
  6. Bean-to-cup really is worth it.
  7. HeliX

    Black Lives Matter

    How can you know whether someone is virtue signalling or not unless you know them well enough to know how much they genuinely care about a particular topic? If you're using it to discredit views you don't agree with when you have no idea whether the person promoting them is acting in good faith or not, that's poor form.
  8. HeliX

    Black Lives Matter

    Nobody has told me that.
  9. HeliX

    Nunnery incident

    Desperately sad. Tom was a bright young lad. What a terrible, terrible shame.
  10. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    I reckon he'd struggle in a textual debate. There are plenty of posters on here with plenty of nouse. He doesn't do well if he can't railroad the conversation, which is a lot harder to do on a forum as people have time to think about the wording of their replies etc. I think as far as mainstream opponents of "leftism" and Communism go, Jordan Peterson is considerably more articulate than Ben Shapiro. I don't agree with Peterson on much (though he is undoubtedly a gifted psychologist), but I can't help but admire his ability.
  11. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    I'd rather you didn't, I've seen quite enough of Ben Shapiro All he does is gish gallop his "victims" into not being arsed anymore.
  12. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    How about the businesses being owned by the workers? (After any initial investment has been paid back to the person who created the business + a bit extra for the risk they took) It's funny how different topics cause vastly different levels of hostility between differing opinions. Something we can all probably work on I guess! But yes, I enjoyed this discussion and learned things - so thanks.
  13. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    There's probably an argument to be made about comparative levels of harm caused by greed in capitalism vs in communism. Whether we like it or not, automation of jobs over the next couple hundred years is going to mean change is a-comin'. If we're not at least significantly more socialist then than we are now there's going to be a hell of a mess.
  14. HeliX

    Manx Radio

    It's more that it's remarkable that Cuba hasn't been entirely crippled by a 60 year embargo by the most powerful country in the world. All states rely on trade for part of their income (so far as I'm aware!) and the US' embargo has been incredibly aggressive, with them also strongly "encouraging" other countries not to trade with Cuba under penalty of removing foreign aid etc. Why is a controlling group the inevitable outcome? "Proper" Communism advocates for State-less society. Reducing wealth inequality and increasing the scope of democracy are good ways to at least lessen the chance of an unpleasant ruling group, even if you can't eliminate it entirely (though I guess we'll have to disagree on whether you can eliminate it entirely!). 30x average salary for board members is higher than I'd want, but at least it's markedly further in the right direction! It's my view that companies should be paying their staff as much as they can afford to while remaining competitive, rather than as little as they can get away with so that they can funnel more money upwards. You must surely have predicted while writing about shareholders that I would suggest public ownership as an alternative! Funding is of course important, but I strongly object to private shareholders as it's one of the purest examples of being able to become rich by already being pretty rich, without adding any real value in the way the people generating the value in the business do.
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