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  1. I could probably continue this indefinitely (though it's certainly impacting on my happiness). That said, I work from home anyway, and about half my hobbies can be done indoors, so I very much acknowledge I'm not the norm here.
  2. If everything is high priority, nothing is.
  3. Reporting obviously varies by country, but so far as I know reported deaths are those which have tested positive, at least in the UK. There is likely to be underreporting of this number if elderly people have died at home of the virus, though I would suspect not by a whole lot.
  4. Is that ironic? It's sort of the point of the measures being taken. It's not going to stop people from getting it, but it is going to shield the vulnerable and drastically reduce the rate at which people do get it.
  5. Influenza has an R0 of roughly 1.3 and a mortality rate of approx 0.1%. Covid19 (based on the best data we have) is more like an R0 of 2-2.5 and a mortality of 1.4%. There's a fair chance the R0 is an underestimate and the mortality an overestimate based on the data coming out about asymptomatic infections. But even if you half that mortality rate, this is considerably more dangerous than flu.
  6. Come on now. The number of deaths in "more established ways" is not increasing exponentially. The number of deaths of coronavirus is. This post won't age well. Best estimates at present give approximately double the R0 of flu (which is orders of magnitude higher when it comes to spread), and 10x the fatality rate. It's rather important to take this seriously.
  7. Is he not too busy multi-accounting shite Facebook groups?
  8. Perhaps, but I think how much it disrupted today's press release suggests it was today.
  9. Are post mortems typically done the same day as death? Genuine question.
  10. It's difficult and somewhat arbitrary to determine that isn't it? Since most deaths involving COVID19 tend to be multi-faceted with bacterial lung infections at the same time due to the virus breaking down epithelial cells.
  11. So say 20-30 year old then. Because that's really what people want to know. They want to know whether the age profiles here fit the age profiles elsewhere. Not that it matters one bit, small sample size, shouldn't change anyone's behaviour anyway, etc.
  12. Underfunding the NHS for a decade?
  13. I don't imagine any of them would like to admit that it's not!
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