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  1. Most 20-somethings I know have booked, or already had, their vaccinations. Though for that age group the reasons do skew more towards altruism or desire for normality rather than avoidance of covid-19. Having said that, I also know people in that age group who had covid-19 last year and still have no sense of smell or taste today.
  2. I think I can do it quite quickly, if I may: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/britons-are-frantically-googling-what-eu-after-voting-leave-it-a7101856.html
  3. A Torygraph cartoonist making cartoons that support Starmer's attempt at leadership tells you exactly what you need to know about Starmer.
  4. People are fed up because of something the tabloids have invented? That's mighty fucking stupid of them.
  5. What they said ^ Mostly. We had effectively 0 cases when the BLM march took place, and whilst I personally found it not great timing (a week later would've been good!) I do see the need for it to take place while the momentum was there worldwide. As for the swimmers, they were deliberately breaking the rules after being asked not to. I actually disagree with the police arresting the bloke, it should've been broken up as soon as the police arrived and everyone moved on instead, but here we are.
  6. It isn't comparable.
  7. Is anyone not allowed to display calendars?
  8. Conceptually or legally? Either way, probably yes.
  9. Liberals tend to support legalisation and regulation of sex work.
  10. I didn't feel like either movement was aimed at me.
  11. It's been of some amusement to me that the same people who felt victimised by the slogan "Black Lives Matter" now seem to feel victimsed by people suggesting that men disproportionately commit sex crimes. No doubt they're the same people who bleat about others being "professional victims" whenever someone has an actual grievance, too.
  12. HeliX

    Women of Mann

    Smells like systemic problems. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/sexual-assault-harassment-metropolitan-police-metoo-london-a8845811.html
  13. HeliX

    Women of Mann

    Perhaps national awareness and demonstration is part of the answer?
  14. HeliX

    Women of Mann

    Having known someone who was horrifically mentally and physically abused by a partner, a manipulative person can remove someone's ability to get help entirely. There's a huge psychological element that your post somewhat glosses over.
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