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  1. I don't think Juan is a bad choice to be fair, though I do think AL-N and MH are better choices. I think those are the 3 OK options...
  2. The difficulty there, is that if he stops being entirely disingenuous, he has absolutely no beliefs anyway. He just says whatever he thinks people will like.
  3. So in retrospect, I'd like to rephrase my statement to: "Almost nobody seriously thinks that all white people are actively racist".
  4. Not sure you read that first link before posting it! It makes pretty much the same argument I was about to make. It also doesn't claim that white people are all racist, and points out that CRT doesn't claim this either. The second article I don't really agree with, so perhaps I should've written "Almost nobody is saying that seriously" rather than writing "Nobody is doing that". The third one I don't have a major objection to other than like the second, it defines "racism" in a way that I'm not sure is helpful. Western society is certainly set up in a racist way, but that doesn't make all white participants in it racist. At the very worst it perhaps makes them complicit, but I'm not sure that's helpful either. More helpful would be pointing out things that are wrong and how people can help to fix them, not trying to label them with anything. Personally I reserve the term "racist" (at least when using it about a person) for people who are actively racist, not just not anti-racist. In large part because it provokes reactions that don't lead to progress, even if you could make a reasonable case that it could be right like articles 2 and 3 try to. "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" is a good book by the way.
  5. The very same. I believe the "Ofth" is "Of the family house", which he probably believes absolves him of any legal responsibilities tied to his actual name.
  6. I believe the FOI on the Island was one Steven Gardner. https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Isle-of-Man-FOI-response.pdf
  7. Here's the penalty notice: I note it doesn't require any actual agreement to terms. Does that mean I can write one that subjects Mr Heading to a £500k fine if he doesn't stop being a dickhead?
  8. HeliX


    Look, if you want a picture of my cock you only have to ask.
  9. If you speak to someone like James at JHS Racing, who has built bikes for many disciplines including the TT, he'll tell you for free that there's nothing that stresses a bike like the TT. Whether manufacturers take that into account when coming here I don't know for sure, but having a TT win against a superstock bike won't do its sales any harm.
  10. And yet all the major manufacturers are releasing their new 1L+ bikes just now...
  11. I'm not sure that's the reason for dwindling sales.
  12. HeliX


    It's a lot more fun doing it in 4 and change though.
  13. What a shame, I was really looking forward to your tutelage.
  14. It's only normal for people to group together where possible - over any similarities, not just ethnicity. Perhaps the problem is the native population not being accepting enough for other ethnicities to feel welcome outside areas with a higher than average population of like-minded folk?
  15. There's a big difference between certain areas having predominant demographics and having no-go or segregated zones. No-one is disputing the former!
  16. Been through a fair few of those too - lots of the datacentres I have to visit are on the outskirts. Honestly I have never felt uncomfortable or like anyone thought I didn't belong, anywhere I've been in the UK.
  17. It's the Jews, isn't it? Conspiracy nuts always hate the jews.
  18. I've been in dozens of UK cities in the last few years for work, and in many different areas of them. Never felt any sort of segregation in any of them?
  19. Is this one of those peaceful anti-vaxxers who'd never wish anyone harm that someone's just spent a page telling us about?
  20. HeliX


    Looks like an A1 in the video? A sniff over 100bhp.
  21. HeliX


    I think you'd be hard pressed to justify a knee-down to a police officer who was trying to do you for careless/inconsiderate riding, riding without due care, or dangerous riding.
  22. HeliX


    Just one good reason that there's no place for those antics on the road.
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