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  1. Have you tried getting upset about it?
  2. The average moanin line caller has more than one head.
  3. Not a clue how many voted to strike, nor how many of the members are active teachers. Not much arsed either.
  4. Like you did re: retired union members, of course...
  5. But the reason you like this climatologist and not the ones who outnumber her by many orders of magnitude is not because you think her conclusions are scientifically more sound, it's because she's saying what you're prefer to hear.
  6. That wasn't the question. People go out sick all the time. They go to work sick, they send their kids to nursery/school sick.
  7. I don't think the deal for new teachers is bad. The deal for existing teachers is not very good though. I can't afford a new house, new car and 7 week holiday on significantly more than 36k.
  8. They shouldn't, but it's supply and demand isn't it? If we don't have enough teachers, we have to offer more money or better conditions until we do.
  9. Perhaps they should become teachers then?
  10. To point out the bloody obvious, the union members who voted in favour of striking are fairly unlikely to not yet be teachers. The bumped starting pay is a good thing, but because it was done by removing a handful of spine points it doesn't do anything at all for experienced teachers.
  11. They must be bloody good at saving to manage that on those salaries.
  12. Presumably the transcript was added after many of the comments in this thread, as it seems to answer the queries raised above.
  13. Did it? The only comment I heard was Wint saying "they" (MR?) were trying to find out how many active members were retired/supply.
  14. This is a strange thing for someone who's shitting the bed over the thought of 60mph to say. Almost every western country allows you to do 60mph legally.
  15. I suppose I wrongly presumed that you were tolerant of a very small level of risk, below which your only option really is never to leave the house. You'll die of that too, mind.
  16. Unless you make trips to Germany or do track days, yes entirely.
  17. Even in my 500bhp+ car there's nowhere on the Island I'd risk 155mph+. Ballamodha has been limited for ages, as it should be, there's been a horrendous number of fatal crashes along that road. Way too many farms each side for any sort of speed. I've managed 155+ on a 1000cc bike on the mile, wouldn't try it on or in anything else I don't think.
  18. Which speed? If you mean 60 of course there's plenty of places it's safe.
  19. There are lots of places you can safely do >60mph on the island. 155mph less so, particularly in a car.
  20. If a company wants their employees to be well they should pay them properly, not consult a frigging life coach to come up with inspirational quotes for them.
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