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  1. Well, at least you're showing everyone exactly who you are.
  2. is there a helpline for people who don't want to spend the next 2 weeks reading Banker whinging?
  3. What was ill-advised about the last lockdown?
  4. This question is much bigger than the topic its posted in, but it used to be possible to support a family on one person's income. So... more than 25k probably.
  5. Been a hub of deviancy for much longer than we've had any real number of transgender people out in public!
  6. Nobody ever seems to want to answer this. Nobody goes through years of counselling, transitioning, pharmaceuticals and in some cases surgery just to gain access to the women's bathrooms. Men who want to go into the women's bathrooms and abuse women just use the door.
  7. Do either of these tweets sound like they're suggesting there are trans people who exist who aren't "men in dresses"? You could be a child molester. I don't think you'd appreciate being called one though.
  8. Whenever there's a militant white person, or a militantly heterosexual person, or a militantly Christian person, they get dismissed as an individual moron. When there's a militant black-rights person, or a militant trans person, or a militant gay person, their existence gets used frequently in threads like these to disparage the movement as a whole.
  9. I've heard from reliable people that there are a couple of L96 kicking around too. It's sensible to have an armed response force here. So long as we don't end up like America where every cop has thousands of dollars of equipment and tens of thousands of dollars of SWAT style training in order to respond to, mostly, traffic and social problems. A dedicated small force trained highly is sensible.
  10. HeliX

    TT 2021 ??

    Either this is sarcasm or we have differing opinions on what "a good idea" is!
  11. Living in a property behind it so far as I recall from the reports.
  12. When I went to Uni, which was less than two decades ago, there was none of this. Perhaps its not my generation demanding changes to suit them...
  13. I have many principles. One of them is to let someone explain their positions before critiquing their positions, rather than laying into someone based on their past and appearance. Yes, today's kids have principles. As you've undoubtedly noticed (and complained about) re: climate change, anti-racism, etc. We agree on almost nothing. That's not a surprise nor new. But normally you're at least a bit reasonable about things.
  14. See what I mean? I dunno if something's mugged you off today but you're being unnecessarily eggy.
  15. No, the problem is that you're railing against someone who wants to do right by the island and its inhabitants just because you object to his past, his appearance and his occasional bit of weed. And worse than that, you're now calling him an idiot for those things, saying his only chance of votes is "sympathy votes" even though many young will agree with many of his policies, and generally coming full-bore at someone who's doing their damnedest to be honest and open and improve the place they live. It's just a bit.. dicky innit?
  16. You know you're being a bit of a dickhead right? Also "clear heads each day"? How many of our current MHKs drink regularly? I know you grew up in the "reefer madness" propaganda, but you know things have moved on a little since then right?
  17. Only in this case it's an occasional cloud of irrelevant smelly smoke.
  18. I still feel rather sad for Tame Elf. I don't think he was a bad sort, but he was certainly goaded and led on by bad sorts. Ms Allanson, on the other hand, seems to be willfully a bit of a tosspot.
  19. I once overheard Shem Allanson (Registered dietitian nutritionist, Skype & online dietitian nutritionist, Gut, bowel, IBS and gluten specialist) claim that her IQ "went up 20 points" when she gave up gluten. Must have been negative prior.
  20. Dissolved 5 years ago, apparently. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/06335868
  21. It's a wonder he didn't find any evil in punching his 20 week pregnant girlfriend.
  22. Err, she says "Some people have said to me 'it's like a two for one deal'". Which isn't what you wrote. The interview is here
  23. HeliX

    5G mast

    Lots of places do. And if you think that's bad you should try getting DV clearance!
  24. Imagine a Facebook troll you found in the bargain bin in an Aldi. In Blackpool.
  25. Really though? Agitatedly asking the same question that's been answered, and answered pretty well, multiple times already. Just comes across as desperate for a doom headline.
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