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  1. Means testing would lower the cost of private renting?
  2. Be better if they spent it on Government salaries and roundabouts? If you're lucky enough to be well off enough to subsidise other people's housing that's a strange thing to complain about.
  3. The problem there is the cost of private rent, not social housing.
  4. I'm not a psychologist. "Right to buy" schemes always have tremendous uptake. Presumably the certainty/stability plus sense of accomplishment, I imagine.
  5. @RhumsaaI was replying to this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. If you're comparing them to private rents, definitely. Comparing them to minimum wage less cost of living, less so.
  7. There definitely needs to be something done about private rents. It's not mutually exclusive with lowering council rents though. A large percentage of the population aspires to own their own house, including council house tenants.
  8. Every time there's a survey that assesses whether people on benefits actually need them or are claiming them fraudulently etc the fraudulent percentage is a fraction of a percent. I'm not really against means testing (though most implementations to date have had biases and/or denied support to people who do actually need it), but it's generally a waste of time and effort. Society should aspire to look after those who need it.
  9. When did "if you work a full time job you should be able to comfortable afford shelter, food and utilities" become an extreme left wing belief? There are other options for lowering council house rents, mind. Like cutting council spending in other areas.
  10. The economy in general. Cheaper rents = more people able to spend money in the economy or buy houses.
  11. Electing two Labour party members is a good thing for rates/rents.
  12. I'm asking for your opinion on what you don't like about his postings. I haven't seen that on Facebook.
  13. What's objectionable about the things you've read?
  14. I suspect we won't agree, but looks more like aiming for better conditions for everyone than rubbish to me.
  15. Based on what? From talking to him and keeping an eye on what he's been up to he seems energetic and with his heart in the right place, so far as I can see.
  16. Looks like the youngins Devon Watson and Samuel Hamer won. Good.
  17. Hot-knives! Very uncivilised. More like the thing the primary school nurse gave the asthmatic kid. Except instead of curing asthma it cures sadness. http://pearl2o.com/nebulizer/
  18. Sure, but the air outside is full of vapourised oils and particles too. At least these ones make you feel better.
  19. Interesting that your first resort was suppositories. Vaporiser or e-cig is probably the 'cleanest' way. Smoking is still most common though.
  20. It's not spot on. The existence of illegal drug dealers is not an argument against legalising cannabis. As for "It's illegal for a reason" - sure. Many alcohol producers with big budgets lobby endlessly to keep it illegal. It's also legal for a reason in many places. That reason being that it doesn't do much harm (particularly compared to alcohol and prescription drugs).
  21. Massively increased supply and reduced risk. Certainly hasn't doubled in the states. https://www.statista.com/statistics/589821/street-and-dispensary-marijuana-price-difference-by-us-state/
  22. Why would it be twice the price? Besides, the price has gone up about that much over lockdown anyway as it can't be sent on the boat anymore and dealers are recouping lost value due to seizures from their clientele... You'll notice there's been a fair old dip in bootleg alcohol activity in the states since the 30s.... And drug trafficking has gone down in the US since legalisation of cannabis.
  23. Are they depressed because the smoke too much cannabis or do they smoke too much cannabis because they're depressed? Cannabis, of course, has many of the same drawbacks as lots of drugs. Alcohol, prescription, illegal, whatever. But it does seem to be on the whole less harmful than alcohol. Any economic benefit is just that - a benefit. Another large benefit being that the money would no longer be funding criminal enterprises. It going to local businesses instead can only be a good thing.
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