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    Car For Sale

    How do you know ,or were you driving it? He did say "If"? Well, I know the "without incident" part is true else the OP would have said "And then slammed headfirst into a wall". I'm assuming the person could see, because I find it unlikely they would overtake otherwise. And no, my car is black.
  2. HeliX

    Car For Sale

    If it passed without incident and with clear view of the oncoming road I'm not sure what the issue is..
  3. Open to sensible offers.
  4. Hi guys, ModeFour for sale, decent condition (all working - been gigged a few times so the usual scuffs on the corners but nothing that makes it look awful!). Need to sell as just don't have the space nor need for it anymore Looking for around £415 - buyer collects, or £435 delivered anywhere on island. Thanks
  5. In fairness I expect most people just skimmed over the "no happy ending" post. I know it took me a second deliberate read to pick up on it. Condolences to the owners.
  6. Mind if I ask how he managed to buy a "low emissions car" with the same emissions as an M3? No, it has lower emissions, but now gets taxed on the size of the engine, which i believe is a 3 litre (so costs the same to tax as a 3.2 litre M3). Was purchased pre 2009 so done on engine size rather than emissions EDIT: Originally I read this wrong. Um. The rules have changed FROM engine size, TO emissions. How did this happen? O_o
  7. Mind if I ask how he managed to buy a "low emissions car" with the same emissions as an M3?
  8. The guy would just mow his lawn less frequently, meaning the Govt got less money from him AND he made the place look bad
  9. Also - if a bump in the road knackers your shocks they were probably on the way out anyway. They're designed to take a fair amount of punishment - that's kinda their point...
  10. There's a pretty big bump down past Barclays in Douglas, but other than that the roads in town aren't that bad. If the Prom is jolting you around you want to get your car looked at, I feel every bump as my suspension is harder than bricks and it seems not too bad to me!
  11. But it *is* a choice. I chose to live oop north despite working down south and if I still worked there doing over 40 miles a day, I'd expect to be liable for more total tax than someone who had a car that did half the mpg but hardly got used. Why do you think that someone with a thirsty car that only does say 1000 miles a year should pay more than someone commuting the length of the island and maybe doing 10000 miles a year? The car you drive is a MUCH easier thing to change than where you live
  12. I'm not sure I'd feel safe in something that cost £260 O_o
  13. Aye it is but where you live is up to you. If you choose to live in Andreas whilst working in Port Erin then some might argue that you should have a bigger burden of vehicle taxation than, say, the oap who lives in Glen Auldyn and drives to Ramsey once a week to go shopping. The way total vehicle taxation is applied at the moment means you only pay a proportion of this tax and it is being subsidised by the car owner who does a thousand or so miles a year. Is that reasonable? I must've missed a trick if it's that easy to up and move house And I would say that IS reasonable. I live <
  14. But it's not always a choice of how much you use the roads, it's largely dictated by where you live and where you work. Two things which you can't change on a whim just because the Government starts punishing you for them. I'm not sure I agree that someone should have to pay more tax just because they live in the south and work in Ramsey, for example. And yes, I drive considerably less despite having a car I enjoy driving in more. I very rarely make journeys that aren't abosolutely necessary, I drive to work and back every day, and at the weekends I drive to see my friends/family. Nothing
  15. Why is everyone only looking at immediate effects? Several people have said that the VED causes people to drive more. This is true. What people haven't pointed out, is that if you put petrol up by 35ppl, people will drive a LOT less. The average mileage will go down, thus revenue from said tax will go down, thus to keep balanced they'll have to put the price up further. It's almost happening already with the ridiculous petrol prices we already have. As an example, personally, this would put my average fill-up from £55 to £70. This would change my daily cost of driving from £4.75/day to
  16. Hey hey woah, there are plenty of good American comedy shows!
  17. U-Turns are the only reason I ever go on the prom. Can't get enough of them.
  18. The scam that's going around at the minute pisses me off. You know, the bloke says "Your computer has been sending out errors on the internet" "No. It hasn't." "It has we've received them here" "No. It hasn't" "Yes it has I can help you fix it". I've given up now and as soon as they start the conversation with "Your computer has.." the expletives begin...
  19. 550w is pretty much lower-end limit for i5 + 12 hdds.
  20. Selling a power supply at all?
  21. Unfortunately a +1 here for regularly seeing taxi drivers driving awfully. Speeding, not indicating, running lights, you name it. I am thoroughly surprised there aren't more accidents involving them. On the other hand, I've also had some LOVELY taxi drivers over here. Chatty, happy, good drivers.
  22. I've always found Waltons staff helpful, and willing to bargain a little. Their selection for TVs is fine, their prices for TVs is pretty good. However, they just don't have the selection for PC bits anymore I used to build all my PCs there, but now the selection is just too limited, which is partly to do with there being more models in each generation of hardware now, and partly to do with demand. Unfortunate really.
  23. There is a difference. I don't see the relevance to the discussion I was having though. Whether correct channels are taken or not, society do give things to people for free because they can't pay for them. The relevance is that people cannot make themselves an authority on what benefits/free services they receive.
  24. People act both rationally and irrationally at different times and in different circumstances. I just might be that if you read again you will recognise that I don't give too much of a shit whether people do act irrationally in visiting a pet grave and assigning a great deal of emotion to the place of burial. I completely understand how upset people can be and how much the pet can mean to them. Pointing out that it is irrational is not insensitive. The issue, which I have mentioned, is that it might be best to think more rationally about their feelings towards these graves given the circum
  25. People may have visited some baby that was born in a manger. May be a true story, who knows. Somewhat different to teaching creation.
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