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  1. I've got about 30 miles left in my petrol tank. I need to deliver stuff to vulnerable relatives. I've been working solidly since the lockdown announcement and haven't had time to go to a petrol station. Further, everyone rushing the petrol station right before lockdown is certainly more advantageous for the virus than people doing it more spread out after lockdown has started. If you would prefer I didn't go to a petrol station in the next few days you could always be a dear and siphon some out of one of your vehicles for me.
  2. Stand back and stand by.
  3. Because most of the cops are part of the protest. Maybe.
  4. "unfit losers" No need to lash out because you've been rumbled as a whopper.
  5. If they're in your household yes. Otherwise almost certainly not.
  6. Teachers didn't "refuse" to "do zoom" last time. Schools decided not to due to security concerns.
  7. If you have an operation in the future, would you like the surgeon to wear a face mask?
  8. Not actually that one! At least, I don't think. It's unsurprisingly one of the ones who believes you can't prove the shape of the Earth, except that it's definitely flat.
  9. Most yeah, but not the horrible group of covid denying knobs headed up by one of the forums' own (at least previously, seems to have disappeared from the forum for now)...
  10. In situations like this there's always going to be a bit of interpretation needed in order to follow the spirit of the law, if not the letter. The law and the Government move slowly, developing situations do not. In short, just use your head. Wear a mask if you're going to be sharing air with other people, and if in any doubt whatsoever over whether or not you will share air with other people. Simple innit?
  11. Absolutely. I am fairly convinced (which admittedly is based on sniff-test) that a long, drawn-out semi-lockdown is far worse than a short sharp one.
  12. I do, I'm just not being a twerp about it. Obviously you can assist people who can't cope alone. Just take sensible precautions, like last year. And maybe buy some LED bulbs for them because those aren't going to blow over the course of 3 weeks.
  13. But that doesn't help Banker labour some stupid point about lockdown being worse than death.
  14. Out of everything I've seen/read today, this is the sentence that made me open the wine.
  15. At least he's stopped demanding to know the race of positive cases.
  16. I'd like to see an analysis done on cost of a 21 day lockdown now vs the reintroduction of distancing measures (incl. in workplaces) over a much longer period. I'd also like to know what the impact of each would be on the long-term ill in our community, with regard to cancer treatment etc.
  17. Get on with what? Heart disease? https://www.foxla.com/news/ohio-state-study-30-of-student-athletes-have-heart-damage-linked-to-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR2mGJnJ_yPVRfs-9SfPD1dP7TFuzbOEbUViOOe7jkePa8UEpnYRJOKn-60
  18. I work from home, it's cold there too.
  19. They left because of 2 or 3 posters who drop the C-bomb once every week or so? But yes, as AC mentions forums are on the way out. And I say that as an avid user of forums. FB, Insta and Reddit are dominating the space. For a bit of levity, here's one of my favourite cartoons.
  20. It's not the occasional C-bomb that stops new blood joining forums. It's the fact forums are becoming a bit of a relic, and Facebook is considerably more accessible. There are also a lot of views on here which are much more offensive than the occasional rude word. Though notably less than there were now that there have been a few departures.
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