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  1. HeliX

    Lens Flair

    First attempt at a bit of an arty shot...
  2. Didn't realise Germany was at risk of Tsunamis.
  3. Just wanted to point out that these plants CANNOT Chernobyl. It's physically impossible due to their design, and the fact that they were shut down. These problems were caused by a gigantic wave hitting the plants, Chernobyl was caused by performing the stupidest experiment in human history.
  4. Malware Bytes, HiJack This and TrendMicro HouseCall are your starting points. If that doesn't work, nuke it and start again.
  5. HeliX

    Lens Flair

    Went out to Langness for a half hour or so yesterday... The bird's not quite in focus unfortunately, should have put the ISO up a bit for a quicker shot, but nevermind, didn't turn out too badly.
  6. use a washable room, with a silancer, theres 2 problems gone. cant see any poential problems myself, please share, What is the diffrence of some poor sap having to blow there heads off to sicking a needle in them, your still killing them, so cant see that as a good reason, Any more good reasons you can find Are you kidding me? A solution to something making a horrible mess is to just do it in a washable room? What the fuck is a washable room anyway? You gonna cover the walls in cling film? Silencers lower muzzle velocity, by the way. You're telling me there's no diff
  7. Less hassle? Guns are messy, noisy, plenty of potential to go wrong, and some poor sap has to spend his day blowing people's brains out. There's a handful of good reasons for you there.
  8. Unsurprising though, from an elitist point of view the latter circumstance you describe is harder to achieve and therefore "more worthy". (Ofc it isn't in reality, but elitism is dumb anyway so)
  9. If I was omnipotent and still managed to create a world that's this much of a mess, I'd keep quiet too.
  10. HeliX

    Lens Flair

    Where abouts are those from? Also can you give me a some quick tips on that sort of subtle post-processing? Took roughly one photo I'm pleased with today... out of 209. Oops! Edit: And the horizon is wonky. Buggerit!
  11. HeliX

    Lens Flair

    Thanks for the nice comments guys! Yeah, loving the 500D so far. Going to pick up a new lens next payday I think though... As for filters, there was just a UV filter because I'm terribly paranoid about scratching the lens like an idiot. Small amount of post-processing, mostly just tweaks to white balance, clarity + vibrance though. EDIT: And yeah it was shot on a tripod, Jessops have a deal on at the mo (or they did a week ago) where you get a free tripod worth about £50 with the 500D for a total of ~£470 or so. EDIT2: Infact I can tell you exactly the settings thanks to that w
  12. HeliX

    Lens Flair

    Well, I got my first DSLR last week, still using kit lens atm. This is pretty much the only pic I've taken that I'm actually happy with... (out of like 200+ )
  13. No. People who are over the limit drive much worse than people under it, sleep or no sleep. To suggest otherwise is pretty irresponsible.
  14. HeliX


    I have bad news, if you don't find the idea of a big 3D lego simulator exciting your inner child has died. Sorry. Used to run a server but took it down because notch seems to enjoy breaking the server software every week. Might put one up again when it's more stable.
  15. HeliX


    Just bumping this. Drove this way to work today, and there are "Temporary Road Surface" signs up, but not enough people know what/why. A lady coming the other way was driving [a little quick - Ed] and had to skid to a stop because I was on the wrong side of the road (doing about 15mph) as only one side is usable atm. Not really her fault, just a lack of this being common knowledge, so if everyone could make an effort to tell someone they know who drives around that area, it might save an accident from happening. I, on the other hand, will go back to driving the other way to work
  16. What 16 year old wants to play football with his Dad? Make it 14 and 62 if it makes you happy. Or 12 and 60. The point is, he's too old to properly raise a kid with all the interaction that a father + son would normally enjoy. That said, kid will be rich as fuck and can just buy somebody to play football with. Absolute bollox. There are more things in life than running after a football. It was more figuratively than literally written. I had hoped that it would imply almost any physical activity. I suppose that was too much of a stretch of the imagination to ask for,
  17. HeliX


    Not wrong there chief. Drove that way in the fog last night, front right wheel hit a gigantic lump of rocks and nearly pulled me into the ditch. Absolutely awful condition it's in.
  18. What 16 year old wants to play football with his Dad? Make it 14 and 62 if it makes you happy. Or 12 and 60. The point is, he's too old to properly raise a kid with all the interaction that a father + son would normally enjoy. That said, kid will be rich as fuck and can just buy somebody to play football with.
  19. Oh behave if someone says they object because of his age how is that homophobic, don't be so bloody paranoid, would you say if they objected to a woman because of her age they was hetrophobic. I'm pretty sure you need to read my post again, but more slowly. The guy I quoted when I posted that previously said something to the effect of "what a bunch of homophobes here" when nobody had mentioned Elton John's sexuality. The questionmark in the above quote is pretty important.
  20. 48 Anyone might die within the next 15 years , 15 months or even 15 days . Fortunately we do not know the future. Firstly - anyone who opposes Elton John having a child (despite giving a reason unrelated to his sexual preference) is a homophobe? Ok. Secondly - there's a little thing called probability. Elton John is more likely to die in the next 15 years than a young, healthy person is. It's the reason they were refused the first time. As for his partner, 48 is also pretty old to have a kid. When the kid is 16, wanting to be running around a field playing football with his dad, h
  21. In what way? The only thing I miss from MW2 is how the guns feel, and the better camo unlock system. And the more fluid movement, but that's a minor quibble really.
  22. I would put 10k gold on it being race change No way you can get 1-85 in 2 days.
  23. Arugably since they have to do 4weeks once a year, they're not under the minimum wage yearly.
  24. If you don't have money to pay for food you need to get a job, not sponge off other people. That's the way the world works. If you're deliberately sponging off people as a "lifestyle choice" or because you "don't want to be dragged down into the current world of work" then you're anti-social and morally reprehensible. There is no excuse for somebody to make a lifestyle off benefits. None whatsoever. So you don't like the way the world works? I don't like plenty of stuff, deal with it. If you're not contributing to the society you live in, why the hell should it contribute to your lif
  25. You've blown it now, too obvious that you're trolling.
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