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  1. I do, I'm just not being a twerp about it. Obviously you can assist people who can't cope alone. Just take sensible precautions, like last year. And maybe buy some LED bulbs for them because those aren't going to blow over the course of 3 weeks.
  2. But that doesn't help Banker labour some stupid point about lockdown being worse than death.
  3. Out of everything I've seen/read today, this is the sentence that made me open the wine.
  4. At least he's stopped demanding to know the race of positive cases.
  5. I'd like to see an analysis done on cost of a 21 day lockdown now vs the reintroduction of distancing measures (incl. in workplaces) over a much longer period. I'd also like to know what the impact of each would be on the long-term ill in our community, with regard to cancer treatment etc.
  6. Get on with what? Heart disease? https://www.foxla.com/news/ohio-state-study-30-of-student-athletes-have-heart-damage-linked-to-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR2mGJnJ_yPVRfs-9SfPD1dP7TFuzbOEbUViOOe7jkePa8UEpnYRJOKn-60
  7. I work from home, it's cold there too.
  8. They left because of 2 or 3 posters who drop the C-bomb once every week or so? But yes, as AC mentions forums are on the way out. And I say that as an avid user of forums. FB, Insta and Reddit are dominating the space. For a bit of levity, here's one of my favourite cartoons.
  9. It's not the occasional C-bomb that stops new blood joining forums. It's the fact forums are becoming a bit of a relic, and Facebook is considerably more accessible. There are also a lot of views on here which are much more offensive than the occasional rude word. Though notably less than there were now that there have been a few departures.
  10. "Had it have been different, would it be the same?" No, obviously.
  11. Unnecessary existence of vile humans.
  12. What's the total number who have been through the isolation process though? It must be pretty high. There's bound to be slip-ups. Interesting that this situation has arisen not from a slip-up though.
  13. To be fair those sorts of posts have been popping up for months. Maybe it was legitimate, but more likely it was a knock-off Nostradamus.
  14. It looks like the policy and isolation period was followed though. 14 days has always been a "99.something%" chance that anyone who was going to be positive would be positive. There was always a very small chance of it taking longer than that. It's likely happening all over the world in reasonable number that people are contagious after a 14 day period, but it doesn't make any difference in those places because they all have community cases anyway.
  15. But what would you prefer? That they had waited to tell us? Dangerous. Clearly if they knew earlier they should have told us earlier, but without more info it's hard to know if that was the case.
  16. I think this is a bit unfair. Had they held onto the news instead people would be complaining that they didn't inform the public asap.
  17. HeliX


    I'm not kidding anyone. I've bought plenty of stuff with Bitcoin. None of it illegal either.
  18. HeliX


    It isn't though. It's a currency. Just not a particularly stable or usable one at the moment.
  19. HeliX


    They're what impacts the price of all currencies though.
  20. Fuel, housing and services are all much more expensive here than much of the UK. I'm paying nearly 80gbp a month for Internet and mobile and getting a far inferior, slower and lower capped service than I was getting for half that in the UK. Plenty of sources for comparative cost of living, so here's one picked at random https://www.mylifeelsewhere.com/cost-of-living/united-kingdom/isle-of-man
  21. There are 4 bed detached houses on rightmove in Manchester for 250k. Which is around what I paid for a 2 bed semi here. The pay dispute is about missing pay increases over the last decade too, mind.
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