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  1. 14 minutes ago, 2112 said:

    I think you will find that most people have already read the Manx Labour Party manifesto. The Manx Labour Party candidates are sticking to their manifestos, and as it’s party politics, room for intelligent thought and debate goes out of the window. As part of their manifesto, as regards to housing, if anyone breaks the law, MLP suggests ‘mandatory education course’. How very Stalinist, great in a totalitarian state - IOMG state interment camp for rule breakers. 

    Education courses are used for driving offences such as speeding - speed awareness course as an alternative punishment. 

    Have you made that up?


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  2. 42 minutes ago, Chinahand said:

    Oh come on ... can you really not see a coarsening of debate where both extremes go I don't need to consider your opinion because you are [insert political justification - racist, social justice warrior, fascist, radical feminist etc].  When someone so tarred is invited to explain their point of view the response isn't a willingness to listen, but a call for them to be uninvited, deliberate obstruction of the person to stop them speaking.

    You are being wilfully blind if you don't think this has become more common in the last 10 years or so. The issues around freedom of speech are far more controversial now than a few decades ago.

    I don't need to listen to you because you are [a transphobe, a climate change denier, a racist, a SJW, alt-right, ctl-left] this is occurring more, and people are having their careers affected.  An example from the left - why has Nikole Hannah-Jones been denied tenure?  Or from the left why Larry Summers got in to such trouble at Harvard.

    Where are you looking for debate? The only place I see your first paragraph happening is Twitter and other social media, which is a shithole anyway.

    I still see plenty of healthy, in-person or otherwise debates taking place on very controversial topics.

    I think this has highlighted my problem with assertions of cancel culture, no-one is trying to stop good faith debates. Yet that's always the implied claim.

    re: Nikole Hannah-Jones, that's not an example of cancel culture either. That's a University refusing to acknowledge the past.

    re: Larry Summers, he's considered centrist in America so I'd contest him being on the left in a civilised country! I can't view that article, but wasn't he the one with links to Epstein?

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Max Power said:

    I think it is mainly that many small incorrect assertions build a picture of something which doesn't really exist, or didn't, whichever the case may be?

    Sure, but it seems to be often framed as a deliberate part of "liberalist" culture. Which I don't think there's evidence to support.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Max Power said:

    It does seem to happen a lot yes, but the consequences of getting it wrong seem to lead to all sorts of escalations of misunderstandings. 

    Does it though? I see this sort of thing asserted a lot, but I'd struggle to bring anything of consequence to memory.

  5. 39 minutes ago, Chinahand said:

    The issue is the modern academic is claiming Darwin justified Imperialism etc. When he did no such thing; he explained the ebbs and flows of empires. These are different things and a practicing academic should understand that, so it is reasonable to ask why they want to create a distorted narrative. 

    The racism charge is also difficult to press as the entire goal of the Descent of Man is that humanity is essentially unified. Darwin also actively aspired for war to "see the great curse on Earth slavery abolished". 


    "Person gets thing wrong" isn't the most astounding headline though is it!

  6. On 5/26/2021 at 9:30 AM, The Chief said:

    Disgusting the way they are targeted at the viewing times of older people as well. Daytime and afternoon TV are crammed with these.

    Is that due to targeting or just because it's cheaper?

    Anyway, charity is a symptom of a broken system. There is enough wealth globally for everyone to have comfortable lives.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Chinahand said:

    Darwin was criticised in an Editorial in Science recently.

    Robert Wright, who wrote one of the most interesting books I've ever read - Non-Zero - takes the criticism apart.  Darwin maybe of his time, but the trendy academic wanting to distort his views, is also very much of his.

    It's a good read:



    Both pieces look broadly correct from where I'm sitting.

    Judging people by current standards is flawed - humans are, largely, products of environment.

    Acknowledging that someone's views are pretty poor by today's standards - also important.

    I don't see these two things as being conflicting.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dillinger said:

    He hasn't a clue has he?

    The Palestinians refused that as we all know and they want Israel erased from the map.

    From the land to the sea means to kill all of the Jews in Israel. 

    Strange how the Left are solely concerned it seems just about Gaza. 

    Why not other places in the World,  like some Countries that actually have the death penalty for being Gay and carry it out

    We don't seem to hear them condemning this much .

    Or the killing of Gays in Gaza.

    There is a connection with the left and the Palestinians. 

    They both hate Jews. 


    Absolute nonsense.

    And yeah, I do make a fuss about other places. And I think Hamas is shit. And I think, in general, Palestine has rubbish views on human rights.

    But at the moment the bigger problem is what Israel is doing to the people in Gaza and the West Bank.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, P.K. said:

    Some people should not be driving though. I was following someone doing 45-50 mph and couldn't get past them. We came to a village so I slowed to 30 and they sailed through the village still doing 45-50!

    There is a lot of that here. I don't speed in 20s and 30s. They're 20s and 30s for, usually, exceptionally good reasons. Not that I'm admitting to speeding in 40s, but there are enough de-restricted roads on our island that speeding in a 20 or 30 is an absolute twat's game.

  10. Where do you set the limit of acceptable risk? As PK said, being hit at 40 is more than likely going to kill someone. Are 30 limits everywhere the answer, then? Or do we accept an inherent amount of risk?

    I've said it before, but being able to judge the conditions and what is safe is surely the answer. It varies too much from day to day, vehicle to vehicle for there to be a set limit that's actually safe.

    I used to have a knackered old van that I never went over 50mph in. I also have a modern, fast, safety-feature heavy car that I do triple figures in almost every time I drive it. But never on anything other than a long straight with good visibility, and never when there are other vehicles around.

    Which was more dangerous? 50 in the knackered old shitbox or 100 in the well-equipped (and well-shod) car? The former certainly felt riskier.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Barlow said:

    Just for reference, in my day, at age 16 you could buy a 900cc Z1 Kawasaki, lash on L plates and go for your test the very next day, without having a single lesson.

    Yeah it's better than it was (though that Kawasaki in question "only" produces 81bhp!), but the UK system makes much more sense.

  12. 57 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

    And the R drivers who somehow manage to rip an engine block out of the chassis with no other vehicle involved in the 'accident'. Young duffers can't work them properly either. 

    Car and bike licences should probably be graduated like bike licences are in the UK. It's a bit mad that over here you can pass your bike test and immediately hop on a 200bhp motorcycle. Similarly you can buy any car you like on the day you pass your test. There should probably be a limit.


    Yes, you can crash a 996cc 60hp car. But you're less likely to find yourself coming into a corner significantly faster than expected in it.

  13. Didn't take long for him to delete that account.

    He does seem pretty troubled. I don't think he's actively malicious, though I suppose others have had different experiences of him. I don't think a well person behaves like he does though.

  14. My feelings on this are still fairly unchanged. Training is the most obvious place to address for me, as that results in a reduction in all accidents, not just ones involving excess speed.

    Also, speed limits are fixed. If you wanted to fix them all at a level where you could guarantee that doing the speed limit was safe at all times and in all conditions, they'd likely all have to be 30. People need to be better equipped with the tools to make decisions on what is safe.

    Also the position of some of our speed limits is absolutely ludicrous. The NSL in Castletown starts before the junction. Why? Absolute madness. Same on the Ballamodha and several other places.

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  15. 1 hour ago, trmpton said:

    Manx Radio ran a (pointless) story about 75 percent of cars no longer having a manual handbrake.  Loads of old duffers can't work them properly.

    Not really a safety problem that though is it? It'll stop them all doing handbrake turns on marine drive on their over 70s days out anyway.

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  16. 37 minutes ago, pongo said:

    This is very curious. Because:

    It's never been 3. How did you mine only 3?

    Most people don't solo mine. They're in mining pools where the BTC is split by work.

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  17. 1 minute ago, trmpton said:

    A disservice?  I clearly wouldn't run in a disguise and with "Vote Trmpton" on all my campaign materials

    I think he means standing a week before election isn't long enough for people to digest your viewpoints.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, Max Power said:

    I'm not really copping out, but I know from the Stu Peters thread that we can get into a lot of things that which can be squashed by simply calling someone a racist. A position that it's almost impossible to come back from, and I don't want to be 'cancelled' by Manx Forums! :) 

    I don't recall anyone being cancelled nor being called racist in the Stu Peters thread. I think you have a much more negative view than what is really happening - a quick google search will turn up pages and pages of live debate, textual debate, op-eds, news pieces etc over race issues, including many from this year. I think there's a danger of conflating the consequences of bad public behaviour that brings someone's employer into disrepute with suppression of debate. Which is understandable as it's often the first thing those facing the consequences of their actions cry foul over.

  19. Just now, Max Power said:

    They are when we talk of micro aggressions, didn't you see that bit? This appears to be an area which we, as white people are mostly guilty, probably you included.  

    Seems a bit of a cop-out to pick something that there will never be useful statistics for and use that to discredit the entire debate?

    I almost certainly am, but I try to be mindful in my speech.

  20. Just now, Max Power said:

    I remember a lot of calls to 'educate yourself' rather than facts forthcoming? 

    I don't think it's possible to have a debate on race, feelings are not facts and they seem to be the central issue, particularly when talking about 'micro aggressions'.   

    Feelings rather than facts are the main issue in the race debate?


    Do you honestly think there's a shortage of facts to support race problems in the Western world?

  21. 1 minute ago, Max Power said:

    Ignoring the fact that it was Stu Peters and we don't want to go over all that again. The point is that it appears that there is no debate allowed, this is just one world view attempting to crush another by force, with no facts needed to back it up.

    I would welcome debate on it, as would the vast majority of people on both sides.

    There are plenty of facts that support the view being put over in that set of calls, so not sure the relevance of that bit.

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