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    You don't need a USP if you're first to market and don't lack any major benefits that a competitor is able to offer...
  2. Average house price in Manchester today is £202,048. Average house price in IOM in 2017 was £250,000. And prices here have increased since then.
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    Bitcoins do exist. Their value is linked to investor confidence, like a lot of currencies.
  4. Yes, how very lucky that they're not in Guernsey being paid properly.
  5. You only get 10 days holiday a year? They're still not being given another week's holiday though. They've been given a week of working from home.
  6. The number of teachers is ambiguous. The time they are isolating for is not. It is only the first week of term. I would be paid if I did it. A better question is why shouldn't we try to make allowances to get people back to the UK to see loved ones in an unprecedented time if we can?
  7. The teachers in question have already returned and are only missing the first week of term, according to the article.
  8. The first week of term is 1 week. Where are you finding two extra weeks?
  9. For clarity, I'm not including retirees. But yes I expect so, though some here seem to be of the opinion that there's no easier or better paying job than a Govt job. Which is patently false.
  10. Could do it now. I don't think it'd be a good thing though.
  11. I'm not the arbiter of appropriateness, no apologies needed to me!
  12. I agree with this. There is, of course, a wider question about the purpose of sentencing in here. Is it for retribution? Rehabilitation? Deterrent? "Justice"? It's difficult. But as you say, no length of sentence is going to undo what was done. And I don't think society is any safer for having him locked up for longer than 4.5 years. There clearly needs to be consequence, but being heavy handed just ruins more lives than already are.
  13. The question is how do you properly assess that though? And in a way that works for all vehicles, and doesn't result in very very low limits? There's a certain tolerance for accidents (in terms of what the public is willing to put up with) - and all of the variables are ever-changing. Cars are safer than ever, tyres are better than ever, brakes are better than ever. Those factors under a risk assessed scheme would lead to increases in speed limits vs what we had 30-40 years ago, no? Unless our appetite for risk is also decreasing. Better trained drivers are better equipped to make the ris
  14. If he does take it, what would it change? Anyone who was fine with the vaccine anyway won't be swayed, conspiracy nuts will say he was injected with saline. Pointless. As for your other links, you would expect 4 people in ~30,000 to develop Bell's Palsy with or without a vaccine. It's also not a surprise that people so allergic to their surroundings that they must carry an epi-pen have had an allergic reaction. It's also not surprising that some people died after having the vaccine (eventually, everyone who has the vaccine will die.)
  15. Not wanting unnecessary regulation is hardly an obsession There's no necessity to go over 30mph on the Isle of Man. I've mentioned it previously in the thread, but I'd much prefer if the traffic coming towards me was composed of people who enjoy driving, in decent condition cars with good tyres doing 80-90mph than being composed of distracted drivers who couldn't care less on ditchfinder tyres doing 50-60mph. Out of curiosity, what speed limit would you impose as a national?
  16. So you're saying you avoided a serious accident by virtue of having some extra training that wasn't included in the existing lessons + test scheme? Not being able to stop in the distance you can see happens in any and all speed limits.
  17. Electronic limitation really doesn't sit easily with me. There's talk of it being overrideable if it is brought in, but that adds problems too. If you have to crack the throttle all the way open to override it, you don't have a lot of say in how hard you accelerate when it does happen... I don't think there's particularly strong evidence to support the notion that an all-island speed limit would reduce accidents in a meaningful way. Dangerous/reckless/careless driving are all already offences. Of the crashes that happen on the mountain, what percentage are above 60mph? What percentage of
  18. Arguing that our stats should be comparable to other rural locations and then proclaiming that we should also include the TT stats is a bit of a farce isn't it. What's your obsession with people's genitalia by the way?
  19. Lots of things can kill. The question is which ones are doing it, and how do we best address them to lower the fatalities by the greatest amount with the least intervention.
  20. By this do you mean control of max speed to adhere to individual limits, or a generalised overall limit? Most cars have some sort of speed limiter (though often set at something like 150!). I'm not sure how I feel about a car refusing to accelerate once reaching posted limits. And I'm positive I don't like the idea for a bike, there are non-infrequently instances where speeding up is safer than braking to avoid an incident on a bike. 20s and 30s in particular should be placed with a lot of consideration, and penalties for exceeding them should be strong. In 40s and up I would argue tha
  21. But speed limits aren't all set appropriately. Nor are they variable to the conditions. Nor are they variable to vehicle and load. If you feel like digging back through the pages, there are plenty of reports and analyses of UK crashes that show that excess speed is a minority. If the goal is fewer crashes, speed cameras and automated fining systems (which I don't believe can be implemented under IOM law as it stands?) are a fairly ineffective band-aid.
  22. You can exceed speed limits without being over the limit of what's safe. You can also be over the limit of what's safe without exceeding the speed limit. The only reasonable, effective and long-term solution for reducing accident rates is better training. And perhaps outlawing terrible tyres.
  23. Is speeding necessarily being outside yours and others comfort zones?
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