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    TT 2021 ??

    I am an enthusiast, and I am concerned. I'd hate for it to go, but as you rightly point out, with the demographics involved it really needs that momentum... I think it'd be a colossal marketing effort to bring a TT2022.
  2. I linked it because I think it's a reasonably good summary. If you're not a fan, type "how mRNA vaccines work" into Google and fill your boots!
  3. The normal development time of a vaccine isn't entirely consumed by testing. This also isn't a "new" vaccine (or at least the adenovirus one isn't), it's a tried and tested vaccine that's been modified. The mRNA vaccines are a sort-of new concept, though they're used extensively in veterinary medicine, and they're a pretty clean way of doing things. They don't actually involve injecting you with a virus at all. Some info here, it's interesting stuff: https://theconversation.com/how-mrna-vaccines-from-pfizer-and-moderna-work-why-theyre-a-breakthrough-and-why-they-need-to-be-kept-so-co
  4. Who's suggesting "enforced vaccination with a rushed together vaccine"? Sounds like some words you've put together to suit your narrative rather than a presentation of the situation.
  5. If Steve is happy to shove Columbian's pubes and petrol up his nose for a few hours entertainment, but not prepared to have a thoroughly tested vaccine to safeguard the vulnerable in society, I would posit that Steve is a bell-end.
  6. Dunno, what's a proper bike? It goes neeeoooowm if that helps.
  7. I'm not sure it's correct to refer to falsely (apparently) accusing people and causing significant damage as a result as "methods" like there's some validity or value to it.
  8. I do think Hamilton would likely win the championship in equal cars, but it'd be a close run thing. Verstappen's raw pace is incredible. There's a lot of talent further down the field that could challenge in equal cars too. Heck, Russell gets an incredible amount out of that lame duck Williams. If I were to make a spurious and unfounded claim on a top 5 finishers in equal cars (not necessarily in order): Hamilton, Verstappen, LeClerc, Gasly, Sainz. With Norris, Ocon and DannyRic not far behind.
  9. Is the Red Bull the best car for those conditions? It appears to be a borderline undriveable car for anyone except Verstappen. Everyone else they put it in flounders. It's a funny thing, F1. Winning increases your funding and ability to hire the best brains, making you more likely to win. There's no doubt Hamilton is an impressive driver, but I do think if the whole grid were equal cars he wouldn't be winning every race. Podium probably, but not winning.
  10. They are getting on with it. The news story doesn't have anyone saying "this is ridiculous I'm not doing it". It's just full of students saying "this will be hard", and "it would've been nice if the Government could've given more notice" and "I'm worried about the impact". You've invented a narrative to get upset about.
  11. Yeah! And pandemics were harder too! And I had to walk uphill both ways to get to the COVID testing centre! Stop being a sour old shite and perhaps acknowledge that finding out at a week's notice that your entire household will have to take 2 weeks off work on your return is a royal pain in the arse.
  12. The fact that a bottle of red wine comes back out the same size, shape and colour as a bottle of red wine is remarkable.
  13. I can't do it anymore. At all. Used to put away a couple of bottles of wine for a laugh and be entirely fine the next day. Now anything over 3/4 of a bottle and tomorrow is a gonner. Also there's a lot of people being particularly shitty for no reason in this thread.
  14. No, there must be a formula that describes the appropriate ratio of the person running the business' salary to the cost of the lunch ingredients.
  15. What do you think is an appropriate ratio of head teacher pay to school dinner ingredient cost?
  16. I support a national speed limit in TT week actually. The increased traffic, which is to a level that our infrastructure doesn't really support, and the influx of people intent on going quickly on roads they don't drive frequently do push the risk-benefit analysis in favour of it IMO.
  17. Absolutely not, different opinions are good. Can't promise I'll stop disagreeing though.
  18. Change the "you" in my last post to "one" if you like EDIT: If one likes. Sorry. And for sure, being in A&E will definitely give you a particular viewpoint. Just as visiting a liver ward will give you a particular view on alcohol. Doesn't necessarily give a balanced view, though.
  19. Speeding is indeed a driver error, but in the table I posted last page it's in a category of its own, separate from other driver errors.
  20. On another topic if the roles were reversed you would be highlighting the same issue I am - the evidence doesn't support the view. A politician (effectively) saying otherwise has no bearing on that.
  21. Those are words from a politician, not statistics from a comprehensive analysis. They certainly don't invalidate the statistics at the bottom of the previous page.
  22. That's not the question though, the question is the best way to prevent it. And I really don't believe a speed limit is - I think better driver education is.
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