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  1. Hearing about them is a good thing. It was before all this when there was no obligation for a provider to inform anyone that was bad!
  2. I don't think the island has had its own special deployment of PatientAccess, so no separate testing needed. GDPR makes it very difficult (at the penalty of gigantic fines) to misuse people's data. It's a massive headache for the organisational side of the coin, but a great boon to the population. Other than having to click through disclaimers about cookies on every single website.
  3. There's no such thing as totally secure. But as it's a health related app containing PII, it will have been thoroughly tested under the NCSC's CHECK Scheme. This isn't a guarantee that nobody will find a way in eventually, nor that human error can never happen, nor any guarantee of total security. But it is a certification that at time of testing, either no serious issues were found, or they were remediated shortly thereafter. EDIT: Actually may not have been mandatory for it to have been a CHECK scheme test, as I don't think the developer is public sector. But regardless it will
  4. So far as I'm aware, University Hospital in Coventry[1] is not "many miles apart" from University Hospital in Coventry[2]. [1] Site of first vaccine [2] Site of second vaccine
  5. It might be, but Russell is a brilliant driver. He consistently outperforms his rubbish car at Williams. Is clearly at least as fast as Bottas (probably considerably faster). The car is, no doubt, the best one on the grid. But Russell is championship challenger material in any competitive car.
  6. Months too late for that, depressingly.
  7. Yes, crikey, we can't have anything quite so serious as booing at a football game occur now can we.
  8. And for no gain, winning or not everyone saw that GR drove brilliantly.
  9. Holding it to a higher standard than what's taught now then...
  10. Me for a start! Anecdotally, obviously, but I know more people who have worked for Govt and left than have worked for Govt and remained.
  11. You knew this was nonsense before you posted it right?
  12. If that passed UK or local Government I'd eat a hat*. *As long as it's a rice paper one.
  13. A fair number of disruptive kids would rather be sent home, and their parents couldn't give a toss.
  14. Bottas had his fair share of misfortune this race, not least of which was having one of the best talents on the grid be put into a car next to him. The car is clearly exceptional, but so is Russell. Incredible drive given his lack of experience in the car. Though his talent was on show at Williams too, particularly his use of track limits and lines to extract the most out of that car. Feel terrible for the luck (or lack thereof!) Russell had that race, but what an incredible race he drove inbetween those events.
  15. Good race that wasn't it. George Russell is blatantly championship challenger material.
  16. Hooray, capitalism! If workers refused to work for hours they weren't paid for it'd soon change. I do put in a fair whack of extra effort and hours, because I get on well with my boss. But if he stops basing my payrises and promotions on that effort, I stop doing it. Time is the most precious, finite resource you have. Don't let people steal it.
  17. Wish I hadn't looked. How incredibly depressing.
  18. What level did measles vaccine uptake drop to right before the outbreaks of measles in the last decade or so? I am genuinely concerned we have too many loonies concerned parents to reach herd immunity.
  19. HeliX

    TT 2021 ??

    I am an enthusiast, and I am concerned. I'd hate for it to go, but as you rightly point out, with the demographics involved it really needs that momentum... I think it'd be a colossal marketing effort to bring a TT2022.
  20. I linked it because I think it's a reasonably good summary. If you're not a fan, type "how mRNA vaccines work" into Google and fill your boots!
  21. The normal development time of a vaccine isn't entirely consumed by testing. This also isn't a "new" vaccine (or at least the adenovirus one isn't), it's a tried and tested vaccine that's been modified. The mRNA vaccines are a sort-of new concept, though they're used extensively in veterinary medicine, and they're a pretty clean way of doing things. They don't actually involve injecting you with a virus at all. Some info here, it's interesting stuff: https://theconversation.com/how-mrna-vaccines-from-pfizer-and-moderna-work-why-theyre-a-breakthrough-and-why-they-need-to-be-kept-so-co
  22. Who's suggesting "enforced vaccination with a rushed together vaccine"? Sounds like some words you've put together to suit your narrative rather than a presentation of the situation.
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