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  1. https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-global-trade-north-america-china-united-states-c6d5a4d935d8d3bca966d2395deee68d This trade defecit?
  2. Socialism and liberalism are pretty mutually exclusive with each other though.
  3. Well, that and the threat of terrorism, war with China, war with North Korea, rapidly growing inequality and a pandemic.
  4. He is a poo-poo. "Protect the NHS" is more slogan-y than "take measures to mitigate the number of concurrent hospitalizations so we don't run out of breathy-good-make-feel-nices"
  5. I don't think the data supports the need for an overall limit (outside of TT week). I certainly don't think the data supports the notion that mobile phone users crashes would be prevented by a speed limit.
  6. I don't doubt that it's happened, but if you're looking for mobile phone users you're more likely to find them in town, or pootling about crossing the centreline while replying to texts.
  7. It's no surprise, Facebook/Twitter/various other platforms all hire psychologists with the purpose of making their platform mentally addictive. It works.
  8. I'm not addicted to alcohol, why would someone be?
  9. It is about the mountain road, but demonstrating that speed limits don't seem to make a great deal of difference is relevant I think. As mentioned, enforcement is certainly a big problem. There ought to be no tolerance for speeding in 20 or 30mph zones. There are likely to be kids and animals running about. Not that I'm suggesting we should allow people to speed in 40+ zones, just that penalties ought to be more severe in 20/30. It was an hour when I did it (for each vehicle). But that wasn't exactly recently. Even an hour is a bit short though. I would prefer something that mimicked pilo
  10. People's bad habits and poor judgement aren't magically suspended between the Gooseneck and the Creg. Lots of accidents (most?) occur inside speed limits though. Two very serious pedestrian-vehicle collisions were in 30mph zones in the last fortnight weren't they? Similarly, speed limits aren't a guarantee that that speed is safe for all road/weather/vehicle conditions. Enforcement is part of the problem, certainly. But if people were taught to drive in lessons rather than being taught to operate a car (not the same thing), they would be better equipped to make appropriate de
  11. Err.... https://www.comparethemarket.com/car-insurance/content/road-traffic-accidents/
  12. Find anywhere I said the bold bit. Are you seriously disputing the rest of that sentence? That a driver with better training would likely be a better driver?
  13. To clarify, by "speeding" I mean exceeding the speed limit.
  14. Legally that would be the fault of the car that moves out. Not that fault is of any particular use if you're in hospital.
  15. Most crashes aren't to do with speeding.
  16. Group B Quattro - now there's a car that would increase the accident rate.
  17. Using your phone while driving should just be a licence ban. There's absolutely nothing that can't wait either the 20minutes it takes to get wherever you're going, or the 2minutes it takes to find a suitable spot to stop.
  18. It'd be over half done if it had been started the first time I mentioned it on here!!
  19. I would've done, but now there's the threat that pongo will hold me legally culpable for your purchases I'm not going to. Cheers pongo. Fun sponge.
  20. I'm a developer. Anything that contains history is logs to me.
  21. You can link anyone who's ever added money via an exchange to all manner of illicit activity if you're willing to chain long enough. It's not viable. Like I said, it's reasonable doubt. Which is all that's required. Unless you're on the jury, apparently. To get back to the point, any scenario where huge amounts of data (times, locations, activities) of citizens who are under no suspicion whatsoever is being logged ought to be resisted. Including car black boxes.
  22. 1. You put money into an exchange, send money from your bitcoin wallet to mine, I buy drugs with it. 2. You put money into an exchange, send money from your bitcoin wallet to another of your bitcoin wallets, you buy drugs with it. Spot the difference in the transaction logs.
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