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  1. You can trace a particular transaction all the way back to the person who originally put the "real" money into an Exchange all you want, good luck proving beyond reasonable doubt that it's the same person.
  2. Software that has to make nuanced decisions is well known for working well of course. I'm not suggesting people should be replacing their own brakes (again, as you're likely well aware). But if you can't ensure your tyre pressures are within spec, that your tyres have enough tread, that your oil, coolant and washer levels are appropriate and be aware of what would indicate a need to go to a garage, you shouldn't be driving.
  3. You don't think bitcoin gives you more privacy than a debit card? Clearly I don't mean bank operated digital currencies.
  4. "Most" people in any group you want to define don't have accidents, clearly. Most people who drive quicker than average don't have accidents. And the majority of accidents happen within the speed limit. The standard of driving is shocking. I'm not suggesting everyone should be a getaway driver, and I think you know that. It is easier to argue against a strawman, of course. There are plenty of places that road conditions, weather conditions or vehicle conditions make doing the speed limit unsafe. Driving lessons teach you to pass your test, and nothing else. The driving test checks th
  5. I'm part of the way there. I have the right engine. Has the rest of the guff though. I'd love to have time and space to rebuild something like an old Fastback.
  6. I don't mind paying a higher premium and owning an older car As for digital currencies, they're also the answer to privacy concerns!
  7. There's always a choice. Even if it involves not buying a car made after 2022. More involved lessons and harder tests are still the answer in my view. It would also reduce ALL causes of accident.
  8. I didn't argue against any of those. But I will certainly argue against excessive data logging and an in - car system that prevents breaking the speed limit.
  9. 50mph for a year is what R plates are.
  10. The police officer ran out of talent when he tried to branch out into the role of social media influencer.
  11. Bikers in the UK are restricted after passing to certain power outputs. Its a reasonable idea. Better training in the first place is a better idea.
  12. I can choose not to carry a phone. Or to disable location services. But even if that weren't the case, that's not a valid reason not to resist yet another body collating huge swathes of information about me. Every bit of automation creates more distracted drivers. People are impatient and get bored easily. Phones are addictive.
  13. What about the right not to have a system that data logs your every move and action? Anecdotes about sometimes having to brake don't really compare to the statistics, which clearly show that distracted driving is the main problem on the road. Of course, there's no chance that making diving less and less involved will increase incidence of distracted driving...
  14. Yay, more authoritarianism! The biggest cause of RTAs is distracted driving. People on their phones are the problem, not people who like the occasional bit of zooming.
  15. The Fiesta ST is a very well sorted vehicle in terms of chassis & suspension. Bit gutless once you're above 60mph or so, but it's only a 1.6L so that's to be expected.
  16. Plenty good at 80mph. You know that's standard motorway speed right? It's only really econoboxes that are crap handling at 80mph these days. EDIT: To caveat slightly, the best handling car is only as good as the rubber you put on it. Put a budget enough set of ditch-finders on any car and you'll get in trouble at significantly lower speed than the car would ordinarily handle comfortably.
  17. Looks like a Fiesta ST. They handle great and aren't absurdly powerful. Bad driving is bad driving though.
  18. Use didn't go up in the States after legislation.
  19. Why is there an assumption that someone who buys a house they don't intend to live in, and then takes the majority of someone else's paycheck to pay off the mortgage is greedy? It's a mystery.
  20. But how many are there likely to be on an island this size is more what I'm getting at. I don't think it would have a significant effect on the housing situation. There needs to be more regulation of private rents - the new landlord bill is a start.
  21. That'd be nice, but I'd be surprised if it worked. I don't think there are legions of wealthy people in council houses waiting to buy their own houses if we introduced means testing.
  22. So do I, and I consider it a fortunate position given the cost of housing vs the minimum wage & cost of living these days.
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