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  1. If it didn't before I'm sure it will when SD opens It'll be a magnet
  2. Easily If there is one He's a bit of a sadistic sod really So I could do without him
  3. Each year I see the rip off of locals and visitors alike worsening. I'd be all for scrapping the TT as a big screw you to those!
  4. Love it - hope it gets restored. That crowd funding for me is desperately short notice though for someone who hasn't been following it. Hope there's an option to donate in a few weeks when I actually have some spare money
  5. Didn't fill mine in (completely forgot...!) - but technically I wasn't there on census night so doesn't matter?
  6. Can't believe a word that comes out of that mans mouth Had a read of that giant post on that facebook group countering him His position should be untenable He'll cling on though
  7. I think - from what I did. And what Manx Gas are trying to do Is spread there income out throughout the year. So if you were a low user. You'll notice no change in your invoice what so ever If you were a high gas user. Instead of seeing low low low invoices during the summer months And high high high invoices during the winter months. You'll now have a much more spread out cost So Not quite so low summer month invoices And not quite so high winter month invoices. Total cost throughout the year - about the same I THINK - I don't actually have gas so.... yeah I would appreciate the cost spread though - having topped up my oil tank the other week since set up a DD to pre-pay! *not taking into account early payment discounts, actual gas prices etc, just the facts as shown on the table.
  8. Got an old 30's garage in Onchan that I'm not using at the moment and won't for the foreseeable several months. Bit of a slope to the garage Mention 30's garage to give you an idea of size If interested PM me - not liable to come via this section again in a hurry!
  9. No, you're ignoring the collapse in world wholesale gas prices, virtually none of which has been passed on to the Manx consumer. What may appear to be revenue neutral now will quickly ramp up to more profit when the wholesale price starts to rise. They and the OFT know exactly what they've done. That's another discussion - but yes. Gas prices should be cheaper at the moment.
  10. I think they are idiots to do this. They have brought mass opprobrium down on themselves for what looks like a revenue neutral result if you take into account the winners and losers. Obviously the losers will squeal foul and the winners will say nothing if they even notice. The reputational damage to Manx Gas is there because the move comes across as uncaring even if they make no more money from it.The complacency of monopoly. Aye - the numbers confused me a little when I summed them up and did the differences. I was expecting a glaring increase in a few of the tariffs while others remained neutral and some a bit cheaper. Essentially all it means I think is - During the summer you're bills may now be higher than previous (due to higher standing charges) But during the winter you're bills will be lower than previous (due to lower gas charges) Which gives Manx Gas a steady flow of income throughout the year. Rather than most during the Winter Months Badly managed PR though
  11. Here we go - someone point out if I've made any glaring errors. The numbers are to two decimal places. But the full costs are in the cells Completed based on Manx Gas saying its average annual usage that detemines the tariff you're on
  12. What can you report though? It's so fucking complicated who can actually be arsed working out if it's comparable to previous bills or not? They've pulled a stroke and obviously feel they'll get away with it, and they probably will. Bastards. You've set a little challenge for me now.
  13. Such a scummy and unfair tax on the lower earners And they still won't get there own house in order for cost savings There's shed loads of $hit there they could flush away
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