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  1. You need to upgrade whatever software you're running this Persona on. Ok I'll upgrade me software if ya stop sneaking in ta fields and slapping horses cocks in ya face - deal It's still not working properly, try quitting and restarting. Or maybe deleting the profile info. But you need do something, this pathetic effort at a Persona is embarassing, even by MF standards. Ere how does no sound fat boy! Just got home have we from your crap paid job? Not gonna be bullied off the forums by a horse cock slurping fuck face like ya self luv! Now get out for a run and get rid of those man tits. Want a scrap? I lay down me gauntlet ya tithead boring know it all bastard!
  2. i You need to upgrade whatever software you're running this Persona on. Ok I'll upgrade me software if ya stop sneaking in ta fields and slapping horses cocks in ya face - deal
  3. Is the food still on the go there?' eard there's not much choice
  4. John Barton luv - he's a lovely lad x
  5. big jump and a brave lad, just wish he ad landed on me face!
  6. Last time a seen one of these luv was 1974 in Port Erin
  7. Does the cock on your head not hamper you driving a motor vehicle with the bell-end swinging in front of your eyes? Just curious that's all
  8. You need to work on the proofreading for your persona's prose style. You missed dropping off the second 'g' in 'getting' and the 'h' in 'hard'. Also the 'you' should probably be 'ya' and you missed dropping the 'h' in 'house'. I guess it is difficult to keep up a consistent non-natural prose style, but so many errors spoils the overall effect. Yes I agree it is hard to keep it up old sport! - a bit like you in bed with your wife, thats why black John is around your house when your at work you fuckwit
  9. I could out ride any of ya chunkers no bother! Just don't fink ya should be on the mountain getting in my way as I like ta drive me 4x4 hard and fast and close ta the curb. Pay some bloody road tax ya smooth legged freaks! Then ya can ave a say
  10. Somebody's got ta feed me ya miserable little git - come round your house last week and got a finger up the bum and a cup of beans! Can't believe ya got double glazin so ya kids can't ere the ice-cream van outside you bloody Scrooge!
  11. Listen chunkers! Stay off the mountain with ya bloody push bikes! ya in the way and are a pain in the arse! Plus half of ya cant even get half way up the road without gettin off and pushen, just stay in and eat pies.
  12. spooky ya are gettin me wet and I dont mean I have fell in the sea while eaten a kebab jizz on me mask always goes down a treat! I like my men to do nude press ups - ave you ever met purple aki of liverpool hes my hero! you should make contact luv x x x x x (google the legend)
  13. Listen spooky boy ya sound like the kind of chap I would wine dine and 69- hee hee! Hope ya like turkey dinosaurs and micro chips My interests luv are as follows we could be a perfect match 1. Diggin up badgers 2. walking in ta fields on stilts an making crop circles 3. gluing 50 pence pieces to the floor in strand street and watchin pensioners tryin ta pick it up 4. Hidin in wheelie bins and jumpen out on the bin men 5. Cocks
  14. Lee Lee stinks of wee! Listen luv if your looking to be sucked of proper good by a troll, try the whitebridge at 6am, although ya probably still in ya wanken chariot at that time messing with ya acorn pecker Learn how to ride a bike properly....must try harder noodle arms!
  15. Fucking ell luv I need to take drugs just reading this go and elp out at a day centre you boring twat
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