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  1. No measures here generally, just tell them when to stop.
  2. Crash dynamics don't allow that generalisation. Nevertheless, I agree to a point.
  3. Concussion protocol at TT is more stringent than that of MotoGP. Just two weeks ago, a rider who'd suffered a concussion on the Saturday was allowed to race on the Sunday. At TT, you'd not be able to compete for remainder of meeting. Apologies I hadn't realised this had been responded to before posting.
  4. That's patently nonsense.
  5. Yes, they can come off, I've experienced it, but both? Seems to me to be a little more than coincidence.
  6. Both helmets came off? That's an horrific detail. HJC, maybe this needs further investigation, even a withdrawal from competition, I'd thought sufficient lessons were learned with the GPA.
  7. It's reasonably accurate Roger, there are a few words incorrect but nothing of any consequence, i.e. Choc in this context is crash rather than shock. Regardless, it seems impossible to comprehend the quote's authenticity.
  8. Has it been made public knowledge that Gary Thompson was the driver of the car involved?
  9. Autosport/Motorsport.com need to show comments are being moderated before publication. A person by the name of "Mark" says this, "Also that there current CoC is the same one that hit Mercer at high speed when going to the scene of Dan Kneen's accident, whilst allegedly and apparently having asked riders to return to the start by going thr ( sic) wrong way round the circuit."
  10. So disillusioned, they've decided to stay an extra few days?
  11. You've not heard of Michelle Duff then, four TT podiums and a World Championship Grand Prix win. I spoke with her some years ago at TT, '07, '08, maybe, when she participated in a parade lap.
  12. Typically, there´s a reason for them not spraying champagne when the opportunity arises.
  13. Putting it more succinctly then, you know bugger all but still have the temerity to dive in like a patronising prick.
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