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  1. How am i making 'shit loads' of money if I'm not selling? You are moaning about your perception of the raw deal you got compared to someone else. When you actually got a great and free deal. FFS!!!! for the last time, I am not moaning! I tried to explain why people are unhappy about the deal they got on the scheme. I know I got a great deal, as detailed in my opening post - grateful everyday. But I'm not looking to move on, or make a killing at the gov's expense to be in effect homeless. My position - not a greedy greedy bastard.
  2. So what was the deal? 30% grant from the government? Yes. So 30% of £70,500 is £21,150 which might have been the grant. What's a house there worth now? About £275,000? So the 30% pay back if you move is £82,500. It's not bad for an interest free loan over 15 years on an asset that has gone up nearly 400%. Moaning fuckers. Wow. Hat's off to no. 42 - I didn't pay that little or get that much of a grant. And worth £275,000 you reckon? Fucking hell. No wonder the market is in a shit state.
  3. How am i making 'shit loads' of money if I'm not selling?
  4. Maybe I'm just stupid, but, if the Gov. give you 30% or whatever it was, towards the purchase price and say that when you sell the house they want that % back, it that not reasonable ? It is in my eyes. PS, our daughter would love to get the same deal you got, but can't. I don't think you're stupid. And I'm sorry about your daughter, but I don't believe she'd be happy with the scheme we got compared to the scheme now and before our's. I have no idea of the price of my house, because I'm not selling it. Does that make me greedy? greedy for not moving up the ladder and leaving an 'affordable' ( if you can call the housing market affordable ) house, greedy for selling to move up the ladder! damned if I do, damned if I don't? I'm not religious, but this must be what catholics feel like.
  5. Notwell - my position is very happy i have my own house and not wanting to move to make a quick buck, therefore not a greedy greedy bastard a la Sultanofsheight's view.
  6. Diligaf - reread my first post? I'm not complaining - I feel like i'm in the clover, just at the expense of some poor kid who can't get started. I tried to explain why some people here wanted an investigation. The house cost me more than the figure I read somewhere on the thread, but as a general rule don't tend to give out my financials/bank account/sort code on the internet.
  7. You mean moving as in where I've said twice I can't afford to? And yes, I'm part of your 'we' as well - but I don't want money back, as I'm happy to stay as I can't afford a larger house. But feel guilty when I think of people who need a first time buyer's house, like the one I live in. I answered your suing the lawyer question, but you don't appear to have read that either. What's the matter, is it upsetting your rhetoric? better keep ignoring then. The issue here is that people in the original Harcroft Meadow scheme got a bad deal compared to the first time buyers schemes before and after it. <You'd better ignore that fact as well. What of my point that later buyers who aren't tied into our scheme don't have to sell their houses back to the government, can keep more of the sale price or even rent the house out privately? are they generous generous bastards?
  8. Yes, I get that - did you not get the bit where people weren't informed properly of said restrictions? you seem to keep missing that, in your attempts to label people as greedy and of questionable parentage. Also, I'm interested on your views about the effect this has on people needing first-time buyers housing but not being able to get them as people here can't afford to move. Or is that not important to your views?
  9. But they're not getting anything back from people here - because people can't afford to move. A grant is not a loan either. Some moves were made to start legal action against the company a while back, but it was dead before it even started - sueing a legal company?!? get real. The guy who was dealing with Harcroft left the company, the company washed their hands of the whole deal. I guess this was why people were pushing for an investigation. I'm not pissed off about the paying 30% of a sale price, it's the the way the scheme was changed after it ended. oh, and it stops people moving up and leaving affordable houses for the next generation.
  10. Must be an election looming... Quick! On the bandwagon! Another greedy twats charter. So people who got subsidies to buy £70,000 houses they couldn't afford are pissed off that they couldn't cash in the free money when the houses shot up to £250,000? Seriously? The scheme was set up to give them a home, not to give them a fucking massive profit so they could downsize and move somewhere cheaper and make a shit load of cash within 10 years. Greedy, greedy bastards. No wonder Malarkey has decided to put his weight behind this one. Newsflash: people want to make money - shocker! Another newsflash: not everyone conforms to your fantasy. Neither is it correct. I live in Harcroft Meadow, and have done since my house was complete. I love living here and am genuinely thankful, everyday, that the government made provision for someone like me to own their own house. When I applied for the first time buyer scheme, I had a low-paying job and was sharing a house with other people - paying a lot in rent to a certain ex-MHK . The usual can't afford a mortgage in the bank's eyes but paying more in rent. Yes, the goverment gave me a grant to afford the place, on the proviso that i pay it back if i sold it within a certain time. And I would have to sell it to the goverment ( to avoid another Governor's hill ). The problems started when people realised that the law firm who were handling the legal side didn't tell people about the 30% clause. And when people found out, they felt betrayed. Can you imagine having something happened to you like this? People here ( who were on that scheme ) don't feel like we own our homes. The idea of first time buyers is to get people on the property ladder. My wife and I would like a larger house, with a garage - but christ on a bike, looking at property prices makes us realise we're staying here forever. Which is bad news for people like I was like 14 years ago. No affordable housing for them - us greedy greedy bastards are living here! Of course, some people moved out, took the hit. Some people ( probably most of us here ) are staying here. Maybe some are looking for the quick buck as you wildly speculate. The people who have moved onto Harcroft Meadow after that scheme ended don't have to sell their house back to the goverment. They can even rent it out. Wha tdo you think of them if you've tarred us residents as greedy greedy bastards? Get your sheight straight before posting more bollocks. And no, I did not vote for Malarkey either. Can't stand him.
  11. A good question, do you feel confident at only 10 days though?
  12. New Beta patch has made logins and docking permissions longer, but it's still only beta - we're testing it for them to iron out the bugs. Are you on Frontiers Elite forum? plenty going on there.
  13. people like her is whats up with this world today. What, exercising their right to have an opinion? Like you just have? Careful on that high horse...
  14. Maybe going off on a tangent here, but I read this thread and I thought 'Whatever happened to Keyboarder?' I don't post/hang around here as much as i could, so maybe there was something that happened when I was doing other things.
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