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  1. From MR website today 'A move towards banning smoking in public places has moved a step nearer – after the Public Health Tobacco Bill cleared its final hurdle in the House of Keys.' Sorry for being thick but does this mean people won't be able to smoke in the street? Of is it just worded wrong
  2. I wonder if the BBC will have any influence on MR. If so it could be goodbye to golden moments such as those this morning. Great to hear that burglary in the Isle of Man according to the reporter is still 'burgalry'. Priceless And anyone who drowns out Ian Cottier's voice with 'The Last Post' gets my vote! Btw anyone hear Madonna on the C'wealth Games report last week? Had me and my bloke in stitches! (once we worked out what was going on)
  3. Good to hear on MR in the news this morning a report from Melbourne! Maybe someone up there has read this thread. In response to other posts on here I listen to the news on manx quite a lot not every every hour but most. I never heard reaction from local people to cav in the news, if it was on then I apologise as i must have missed it but i'm surprised because as i say I do listen a lot. If they are putting reports in other programmes instead of on the news then count me out - I just can't bear to listen to MR (apart from the news), in the vague hope they'll have a report on I just
  4. Going back to the original post just heard Tim Glover interviewing a restaurant owner in Melbourne about his business! What's that got to do with the Isle of Man team. Seems not only is he getting a jolly to Australia he's now getting his meals free! All in all I'm really disappointed by the lack of coverage by MR. I've learnt more from reading the local paper. I tuned in to Manx this morning at 7, nothing at all about the Games. What is going on down under? I've followed the Games on manx radio in the past even despite the different time zones in Canada and malaysia when they wer
  5. Sorry Molls I was trying to be funny, standing ice/huge glacial movement etc. I failed
  6. Why you complaining? I for one was glad to learn it was 'standing ice' and not some huge glacial movement across Leigh Terrace I also heard some other strange goings on on MR this AM - check other thread
  7. Typical Manx Radio moment this morning ....talking about an increase in rates Stuart Peters was told MR had got their story wrong, it wasn't a 50% hike in rural rates but in fact 100% to which Mr Peters joked "we're journalists (sic) we're not expected to get numbers (or should that be words) right!" A few minutes later the MR newsreader in his bulletin said, "a 50% increase....", Don't they listen???
  8. IOM Newspapers at it again! Following Lesbians on page three we now have on this week's page three 'Night of the Nearly Dead'! (ref Father Ted) Is that Eoin McLove in the middle in the tie? (where's his jumper?)
  9. watch cycling highlights here http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_spor...ing/default.stm
  10. To be honest I don't buy this some killed by mountaineering, skiing etc How many people have died climbing Snaefell? - none Just because people die on Everest etc what's it got to do with the Isle of Man? If people are being killed coz they race in the Isle of Man then i'm concerned - if they fall down a hole in nepal then why should i get concerned?
  11. Maybe she smiles because she knows something we don't!
  12. I agree I do hope they shift it in time. However having read V for Vendetta when it was in Warrior and then reading the entire novel I'm a bit concerned it may not live up to expectation. Jonathon Ross (a comic book fan) panned it the other night and I note Alan Moore (who wrote it) wants nothing to do with it and asked to be taken off the credits
  13. 30,000 visitors but if memory serves me right less than a third were on bikes. Could even have been something like 4500 bikes. The Steam packet did issue figures but I don't know where you'd find them
  14. I think you've missed my point ....I assume (and I could be wrong) this film has been on release for some time (due to the fact you can buy it on DVD) So why is it being shown in the cinema at the moment ...surely there must be something more recent they could show I seem to remember it took a while for King Kong to be shown here
  15. I see this is on at the cinema at the moment You can also buy it on DVD How can this be? Are we really that backward in the IOM that we're showing films at the cinema which you can buy in the shops at the same time?
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