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  1. In my opinion these sef service tills are a good idear. However I think there are a few adjustments are to be made to make the process run more smoothly. The advantage of the self service till is you dont have to deal directly with staff that are incapable or rude which does happen and can put cutomers off returning to a particular store. So although at the moment a slow service with improvements this could be a god send to shoppers in the future.
  2. I think it is fair comment to say that the novelty that is "Jeremy Kyle" has now well and trully worn off. If a good breakfast sets you up for the day then old Jezzer certainally weaves his magic to set you (mentally) up for a pretty shitty day. His self rightous screaming and "what about the baby" continues from the moment the first guest storms onto the set. Even if the dumb ass he is dressing down has no children he would probably bring the "what about the baby" line totally confusing the idiot guest into agreeing. Then of course we have "our Grayham with a qiuick re-cap" who is blaintently someone Jezzer met in a pub many years ago and together over a pint of Strongbow and a splif they came up with the ingenious idear of this mind numbing show. I now refuse to watch it though his smarmy face sometimes haunts me when I am channel surfing which is enough to annoy the shit out of me. Does this opinion ring true with anyone else??
  3. My weakness is my laptop. When things get really boring I can always find entertainment, whether it be watching a new film, catching up with friends or playing games. I beleive that in times to come the tv will be obsolite.
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