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  1. By all accounts he was shot in the head. Perhaps it's not deemed appropriate yet or maybe it's too gruesome for general release. Or they needed time enough to forge fakes, let's be fair America is on the brink of a massive downfall and Obama needs to look like he is doing something, other than that Osama was more than likely working with U.S government in the first place.
  2. I have never, in the years i have been a member of this, and previous forums,been so shocked and disgusted at a post. Rog's posts,whilst often controversial, are always well reasoned and argued. I have never known him to be abusive to another poster. Mention has been made in the past of Rog's medical condition, which means that many members with a normal memory span must have been aware of it. Making JMBMS' venomous response to Rog's post of this even more distasteful.
  3. I feel that Rog's post is closer to the truth than is comfortable. I also feel that ETB. will be more dangerous now than he ever was alive. The A.W.B. now has a martyr.
  4. Nicely put HJ. I know that without the available census info. my search for family would have been much harder. Thanks to these , I have been able to trace back to 1817 in Lambeth, and given leads to around 1760 , in Whitechapel. My grandchildren are now aware of 8 generations of their family. This alone, imo, makes the census a worthwhile exercise.
  5. ? Italianate architecture in Portmeirion, is there much on IOM ? ? No.6.
  6. no, some sort of Morris or Austin at a guess thought that at first, like a 1100, but didn't think the back was quite right, more like a tailgate than a boot ? Austin A40.
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