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  1. I tend to find the 'Nobody is indispensable' reaction is the one that typically occurs under these circumstances.
  2. Were you envisaging, or hoping for, any positive outcomes from opposing the government on social media? How did you hope to see this playing out, if it were not going to end the way it did?
  3. At present the government send vehicle (tax) licence reminders to electric vehicle owners, and they still have to go through the rigmarole of renewing each year. All for the princely sum of £0.00. This is probably an effort to cover at least some of the admin costs.
  4. Soon he can reassure himself that jail is not jail.
  5. I guess if anyone knows how to burn a bridge...
  6. I've got a couple of old SAS drives (3.5in) that I'd like to get some data off - does anyone have anything suitable they can lend me? Has to be HBA and not a RAID card (or capable of doing JBOD). Oh, and leads too, if it's a card!
  7. Bit tricky to do instrument approaches on a field of grass.
  8. All flights have to make weight and balance calculations. The cockup was in the planning and fueling, not the length of the runway.
  9. loaf


    Oh, not that again.
  10. Online version for multiple users to play with. http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
  11. Me too. Always on the hunt for a good full breakfast.
  12. loaf

    Name Dropper

    "Lovely Stuff" - Not my words, but the words of Shakin' Stevens.
  13. Well, it's certainly likely that if you have had enjoyment from using cannabis recreationally in the past, you're going to see the topic in a way differently to people who haven't but I don't think you're the sort of person to post like the OP, thebees. In my time, I've met a few people who use cannabis, some of them daily users. It's interesting how much they're strangely keen on conspiracy theories too. They love all the David Icke stuff, moon landings, chemtrails and all that. So, when I see a big post of reportedly credible links like the one above - it reads like a shout-out against t
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