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  1. SO what makes you think this is the only place I have been looking for a job? This is just 1 more door to open, one more way to get to know the people of this Island. Not the only way. I am not Narrowminded, and you should try to think more positive about people Yes I am registered in some job agencies but it shouldn't hurt to extend my networking with this forum. Cheers
  2. Wow! Must look out for one of those when I need a new car Let me know when u get it and we Test Drive it together ok now back to the main Subject of this Thread
  3. It's true, I don't care much about punctuation in a forum or post, as we tend to make shortcuts when posting in forums or chatting. Punctuation, spelling and grammar, has to be perfect at work, translations, or when writting a book(yes I am writting a Sci Fi Book and I also like to do Oil Paintings, but depends on my free time ). But here is all about speed and having a nice time:) and yes I type like a super charged Quad turbo Sports car Cheers
  4. Well Thanks for compliment of "Bad English", in my case, I went to the best School in my original country where all the sons and daughters or Amabassadors go. The British School.... I went there at age 4 to 5, and Spanish is just 1 more subject, everything else is in English. We used to sing God Save the Queen and other related songs Of course I have a nice Accent, as I didn't speak the language for several years and accent tends to build on urself depending where u are... But my level is so high I could teach English. Also if u add the Business and Technical english I have constantly dealing with... well lets say my Vocabulary might be several thousand words on top of yours. But then again I don't understand why when someone ask for help, there are always the "Smart" guys that think they are better than the rest... and have a license to make an azz of themselves... I personally love the Island.... its a great place and I know jobs are slim everywhere.... but even in my Original country we have people from UK working there... And so u know... Uruguay is the only country in all 3 Americas to have no Natives(... they were all killed and used in local wars between 1700-1900...) Also we have close to none black people(A few come from Brazil or sport contracts, so is rare to see them on the street) so there is no racism... We are all descendant from Italian/Spanish people. There are no Forests, only plains... no high elevations, and nothing ever happens there... And it was the 1st country in all 3 Americas to go 100% digital in Telecomunications. Its similar to Swiss banks in the Banking Secrecy, so we have big capitals from Argentina and other countrys from the south. Well there u go, more info about life and things Take care, love to all, including haters
  5. Does that mean you have experience being employed in some kind of IT role? Your message doesn't make that clear. A lot of those skills could also have been 'picked up' at home. Yes I have worked in IT, and it means I have done more than repairing Grandma's Toaster
  6. OK I will keep it in mind. but let me know on a private message what do u mean with "Organized" the obtaining of work pemits.. I know they are called Self employed permits and I can work like sub contracted and under consultancy or advisor...
  7. They also have quite a lot of Spanish speakers in the office as well, so might be worth trying them. Well they say that they are no hiring at the website atm, but thanks for the Tip
  8. I didn't post a CV, just a general idea of my skills.... My English skills are enough to Teach English, I have Proficiency level. But ur English reading skills... If u read with more attention.... I wrote that I would send a full CV to serious people or companies interested in me... Any Nucklehead knows I didn't post a CV... and not in Public here...
  9. That was a cute Reply.... But what I ment, is that I am qualified to do many jobs and many which requires skillfull people, and educated.
  10. Thanks for your help, and yes I have already talked with some of them, and waiting for any updates Best regards
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