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  1. interesting to see in this weeks' Motorcycle News the Bray Hill crash is given less than one column of coverage whereas a bus spilling diesel on the TT track is given half a page
  2. In great nick but haven't got a hood £18 Tel 453404
  3. Bought just before my child pushed through to size 3 so a couple of wears and that was it Tip top condition £20 Tel 453404
  4. ccm


    so how is this being funded then? surely not by advertising alone? are we the taxpayers paying for this service? is the Government backing it financially? sorry if these answers are available elsewhere but I've not seen them and would just like to know
  5. anyone ever sat in a car outside Braddan school, with vehicles going nowhere and an ambulance struggling, with its lights, horns etc going full blast, to get through traffic? what should have taken seconds took around 2-3 minutes. there are pros and cons to race week to me that's the unacceptable side of the TT
  6. disclaimer - for those who can't note the sarcasm riddling my last post ............ unfortunately my statement appears to be the attitude of many people (they know the risks etc)
  7. as long as we're all having a good time and making a bit of money, who cares??? party on!
  8. Schoolboy error JumpUp! They do not serve Whale or Herring in the Terrace chippy ...that's why you didn't hear me laughing
  9. There are a number of comments you made in the Cronk-y-Voddy thread that, to me and it seems a few others, lean on the 'very odd' side of the fence but hey, I don't want get drawn into the usual tit-for-tat rubbish that is often displayed on this site. Your opinion which you're entitled to and mine, which I'm entitled to. If you're going to employ sarcasm again, could you perhaps hint toward it so the rest of us also get the joke? Ta
  10. ATTENTION CENSORSHIP! I'm Manx & proud. It pisses me off when a) people from outside the Island are employed to do something that we on the Island can do and b) my taxes are going to someone off-Island when clearly they know nothing about my homeland For the record Censorship, having read some of your posts on this site you really do come across as a particularly disturbed individual who leads a very sad life. You must be very lonely in the evenings
  11. The nation's station is still sourcing work off the Island hence Bridson Street being named 'Brid-son' and not 'Bride-son' on an advert they're currently broadcasting Maybe if they'd employed someone local this type of gaffe wouldn't happen? And they want us to take their broadcasts seriously? Next we'll be hearing how they've only got two full-time members of staff and don't have the time to check mistakes like this
  12. With a 1630 road re-opening notice at Bulgham Bay, (read into that what you want), expect the inevitable news later in the day. Another reason why my kids will be kept away from any road for the next 2 weeks
  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again Look at the building Manx Radio occupies. It must be worth MILLIONS. What a location. Sell up and move to a cheaper site. Why should tax-payers/TV licence fee holders continue to bail out MR when it's sitting on a goldmine?
  14. point taken Censorship, if you'd just like to write out a cheque for £25,800 and make it payable to IOM Govt
  15. Don't be so hard on Henderson ..... better than a lot of the rest of the mob Houghton I'm not so sure about ....
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