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  1. This may not be the place to mention this but must be said. Around 10 years ago Terry Cringle did a 'satirical' programme (HIGNFY/TW3-type of thing) on MR that took the piss out of political events of the week using clips from the House of Keys which had been broadcast on MR. After the first show went out on air, Manx Radio were told to drop the programme which they did immediately. Thought you might be interested, that's all
  2. Is he really? I suppose in France and Belgium he is something of a well-known name. I'd doubt his fame would be so strong in the UK as cycling is a minority sport.
  3. World class Manxies! Mark Cavendish, the future of British cycling happening now! David Knight, 3 times World Enduro Champion, 2 times USA champion, ISDE outright winner! Mark and David Higgins, Martin Rowe, Multiple British Rally championship winners. Mark Freestone, Adrian Kermode, multiple Historic British & Irish Rally Championships. Connor Cummins, Irish Road Racing Champion. Steve Colley, top six in World Trials championships. It seems that we are good at producing formidable wheeled sport competitors. We have lots of motorcycle champions living here too. Four of this lot were World Champs! Cal Crutchlow James Toseland Neil Hodgson Jonathan Rea Andrew Pitt I think it depends on what you term famous. I don't think any of them are 'famous' but are well-known in the Island or within their respected sports. As for Sam Barks being famous, yeah in the Isle of Man but I'm sure if you ask anyone in England who she is you'll get a negative response. I watched all of that series and I can't even remember the name of the winner let alone anyone else who was in it. I think you're pushing it with Freestone, Kermode and even Martin Rowe who was well-known a long time ago but has somewhat gone off the radar
  4. Are you suggesting Sir Terry of Cringle is a cradle-snatcher?
  5. What has Nepal (or do you mean Naples?) got to do with us here in the Isle of Man? What has climbing Mount Everest got to do with the Isle of Man? I'm still yet to learn of anyone dying who tried to climb Snaefell
  6. I totally and utterly disagree. I was listening on the radio and when he did not come through Glen Helen and the race was red flagged it was very obvious who was probably involved before a name was mentioned. Mentioning a name in this instance, whatever the state of the injuries, probably just allevated the worries of the relatives etc of other riders and in my view was probably very sensible. However if I accept that you knew he was all right in my view you were in a minority if you think of the reaction when it was announced he was concious and being air lifted to hospital. Also very few if any who posted on the IoM TT forum seemed to be of the same view of you. Let's just say that the 'worse case scenario' had happened. I don't think his death would be announced on radio. Surely his family would be informed first before being broadcast. That's why I felt he was okay when it was announced that 'Guy Martin' was involved. That's one of the many strange things about the TT that just doesn't sit quite right with the real world. No news is normally bad news at the TT
  7. I don't think there was any 'special' status reserved for Guy Martin. As soon as they said his name I knew he was alright (i.e not at death's door). If he wasn't then we wouldn't have been told anything apart from 'there's been an incident'
  8. I agree with Lost Login There's been plenty of discussion in the past about the racing. This thread is not about that and shouldn't be hijacked as a Pro-TT or Anti-TT argument. The way I read it is how the media handle tragedy such has happened today. In the case of Manx Radio, very poorly in my opinion. I turned off during the build-up to the Electric Race (I still don't know who won). I heard the initial announcement and the commentator sounded almost apologetic when he finished reading out the statement. Almost a 'I'm not sure how to move on from this but I'm going to have to anyway.' At least he didn't start getting excited which is what happened with his colleague. That was totally disrespectful and that's when I switched off
  9. What galls me is all the laughing and joking before the start of the next race that was broadcast on the radio. This was five minutes after the announcement that the poor guy had died. People can say what they like BUT THIS HAPPENED ON PUBLIC ROADS. Not locked away on some purpose built race track. I wonder if all the 'jolly banter' would have continued if this tragedy had unfolded in front of the Grandstand. Out of Sight, out of Mind it would appear. Okay, IF the races have to continue then they should do so in a 'downbeat' manner. I found the 'Keith Chegwin' actions of the commentator disgusting and disrespectful. I can't believe his 'chirpyness' was allowed to be broadcast. Especially if he interviewed the guy before the race in which he died. This smacks of the 'self-congratulatory' manner of authorities just a couple of hours following the tragedy in 2007, as highlighted in the Corner's Report.
  10. and family and friends can pass the time of waiting to bury their loved ones for a week or so by watching some jolly, good deadly bike racing .....oh, the irony...
  11. how inconsiderate of people dying just before TT week .....
  12. Maybe but why make it easy for them? What do you mean make it easy for them, everyone has access to kitchen knives, thats ease of access, however i pressume you mean firearms. So pray tell us about this easy access to legally held firearms please. No brainer Make guns legal you give 'easy' access ....make guns illegal then 'not so easy' You're right that if people want to do damage then they will find some means ....however if they haven't got access to a gun....
  13. Maybe but why make it easy for them?
  14. I don't understand what that means..? From Manx radio news report Police have confirmed an incident which closed the Mountain Road earlier this morning is the first fatal accident of the festival. It happened between 7.50am and twenty past eight when a red, white and blue Honda Fireblade came off the road at the Mountain Box
  15. ccm

    Radio Tt

    Anyone heard the guy in the afternoon? I'd swear he was drunk! Shouting and slurring his words ......
  16. Do politicians ever actually reveal what they 'find out' on these trips? Every time I see a story in the paper on this matter it's the usual 'it was a good trip' quotes without actually going into any detail.
  17. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
  18. if only it was as easy as that ..... will check out the other advice, many thanks ....
  19. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the legal situation is in the Isle of Man regarding the working week? I know that in the UK employers can't make employees work more than 48 hours a week if they don't want to ......how does that stand over here (if at all)? Also how does the minimum wage work in terms of working 'extra' unpaid hours?
  20. "The Glorious Day", which the group had always been plotting, saw Mannin Seyr 'liberate' a Scorpion tank and use it to invade the Houses of Keys, only to find the place empty due to a Tynwald recess. During the nationalists 'annual manoeuvres' at Blue Point, Orry, Boosh, Artie and Joughin decide to camp down after an evening of heavy drinking, unbeknown to them that they are in the middle of a military live firing area. During the night, the Army hold an exercise, and the Scorpion is 'abandoned' by its crew after being declared "knocked out". Upon discovery by Orry and his comrades, Orry comes up with his revolutionary plan. Joughin states that he learned to drive a Scorpion during his time in the Territorial Army, at which point the lads steal it and drive it back to Doolish. On return, they hide it in Mark Kermode's garage. Mark comes home from work and opens the garage door to park his car. Curious as to the purpose of the Scorpion parked amongst the garden tools, he climbs down inside and accidentally steps on the mg fire button. The result is that their neat garden is raked with heavy machine-gun fire, narrowly missing his wife Florence who is hanging out the washing but with the resultant annihilation of their garden gnomes.
  21. ccm


    Thank you both for your helpful responses ....next question then, ahem.....does anyone know if Raclette cheese is sold on the Island?
  22. ccm


    Anyone know if I can buy Raclette on the IOM? Thanx in advance
  23. ccm

    Police State

    Erm... NO! If you compare the Isle of Man and the UK to any other country we are positively a liberal democratic state. We have more freedoms granted to us by our ever so kind government. In comparison, the other states mentioned have not given their people the same freedoms. Nothing libertarian about the Isle of Man. So are you suggesting we live in a controlled police state? I think the fact that we have an internet forum where we can anonymously, and securely, criticise our elected officials without fear of physical violence show us to be in a much better position than some places in the world. Try doing what we do in Burma or North Korea. In fact, try electing anyone in Burma or North Korea! While you're at it, try speaking to Aung San Suu Kyi and asking her whether we're significantly more free than the situation she's in, merely for speaking her mind. I do think that we have some way to go to be a perfect society, but if you take an international comparison, we're not in too bad a position. Certainly not a police state. Just because they've got a broken leg it doesn't make our broken thumb less painful!
  24. The size of a community doesn't determine whether something is in good taste! If this happened in New York it wouldn't make the accident any better or any worse It does matter, if this was New York, this accident wouldn't even make the papers. let alone with a photo! Take the photos but give it a couple of hours before printing them IMHO. I passed this point directly after the incident occurred. At first I thought it was a very minor coming together, seeing the damaged second car, only after going past the zebra (towards Castletown) could I see the first car. I was just considering pulling in to see if a first-aider was needed when I heard a siren (thankfully!) Your missing the point. Plus what difference does a couple of hours make? If something serious had happened then the police would not allow anyone near to take photos.
  25. I didn't say anything about taste, just timing. Publish all the pictures you want, but in a small community a little bit of consideration is needed, in my opinion. The size of a community doesn't determine whether something is in good taste! If this happened in New York it wouldn't make the accident any better or any worse
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