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  1. Why? Promotion of Island Cutting sailings Lets promote somewhere we can't get you too ...
  2. I hope you didn't ride any of the closed lanes, and observed the advisory 20mph speed limit so as to avoid further damage
  3. You shouldn't have posted that on this forum, apparently Mr Teare is now looking at a visit to Mars to see how the education system there differs from ours
  4. Brand new, still packaged. Surplus to requirements New £42 Yours £25 ... Bargain
  5. Not appealing for their whereabouts though, only interested in what clothes they are wearing?
  6. Oh but there is somewhere for the kids they have the little cafe at Lord St, so that takes care of about 50 whilst the others wander the streets, gather at Nobles park or hang around outside off licences trying to get someone to buy them booze and fags. Once again the Manx Gov has shown how in touch with the island they really are, whilst they sit in their ivory towers dining with the rich and famous dreaming of the I.o.M interstellar spaceport, normal everyday people get shafted, we lose out no leisure facilities as such, 3 cinema screens for a population of over 80'000 (look at Ambleside population 2'600 7 cinema screens) then everyone complains about the groups of youths hanging round down the prom etc... where else are they to go. We do NOT need more Da***ra apartements sat empty on the prom or bought by UK residents then leased back to locals for high rents. I am Manx and I love this island but the Government really have got their heads stuck up their arses.
  7. http://www.manx.net/default.asp?id=18&articleid=11562 So much for the island needing a leisure facility, looks like it will become apartments after all. Yet another great cock up by your friendly neighbourhood government
  8. I agree, I ride mountainbikes and we do get a lot of stick as well, the main point is as stated before, the problems do seem to occur when it is packs of UK bikers who just go wherever they want. The 2 KTM's that passed me on Sunday were 99% from the UK as there was a group of them parked up on the Prom. Although we do have our share of homegrown idiots both in the Motor bike and Mountain bike worlds who ride where they want and bugger everyone else. It will get to the stage though where everyone is banished because of the minority. On a more positive note maybe trying to get some of the SMCC or other groups just out doing a little rut filling or tidying would be a good bit of press coverage to ofset what always seems to be negative. I know this and other threads were being discussed at the GLUG meeting last night I use an archos as well the 4gb model with an 8gb card and a booster battery, gives me about 5hrs of video. I did buy a couple of spare lenses of eBay for it a fisheye and a tight zoom also came with a filter that really helps with lens flare... I was looking at a Go pro HD though as well just watching for one on eBay
  9. Its not that most walkers Horse riders etc don't like bikes they just don't like the amount of mindless damage done by a minority of idiots some of whom come over in packs from the UK and some of whom are homegrown.
  10. They are still advertising internally, for quite a lot of jobs just had a look at the Gov Job site.
  11. Very good point, this damage caused by walkers has got to stop. And how long have those paths been in use, people have been hiking up Snaefell, South Barrule, North Barrule for hundreds of years yet the damage done by bikes has been done in the last 20 - 30 years since of roading became more and more popular. Tell you what lets just ban everyone from the hills and green lanes, and have roads filled with off road bikes, mountain bikes, horses and walkers that'll be fun wont' it!
  12. It does benefit the trails being closed but they need to be closed for longer in 6 month rotation to allow the damage to repair just ask anyone from DEFA, ramblers MTB and horses have trouble using a lot of the green lanes now becasue of the damage done by bikes, there are videos of motorbikes struggling on the lanes due to damage but all they do is throw the throttle wide open and plug through that always help...NOT! Your business? ever think they might be raising poles as a gesture of warning just to let you know there are other walkers about as you go flying along at well above the 20mph advisory speed limit (which may soon come in to force as a obligatory limit) You state that you have a strong case for your continued right to ride hills/valleys and Glens, firstly you are not allowed to ride Glens anywhere on the island yet there are those that do. Secondly if you want "the right" maybe once in a while you could do something to give bikes a positive spin, when was the last time the off road bikers held a trail repair day like the 4x4's do? Walkers repair footpaths, mtb riders repair mtb trails maybe try to get a bit more support by showing that you do actually care about the countryside you ride through. Stop riders from going off piste if you are in a group or like the 2 x KTM's that were riding up Beinn-y-Phott on Sunday and before you ask no I couldn't id them as they had reg plates the size of postage stamps. Again with the attitide, what you going to do when the person you confront turns out to be a copper and the next thing you know is your being done for assault? Also great for evidence of riding where you shouldn't or in a dangerous manner etc, very useful for the Municipal association and rambler groups. I always ride with a helmet cam and the footage I have along with footage collected of youtube and Manxtube would go along way towards banning bikes of the upland hills. Just remeber everyone has access to the greenlanes and GWR but the way will come when then is revoked and it will be down to a group of careless idiots hwo ruin it for everyone else and before you know it, bikers from the iom will have to travel somewhere else to ride just like the hordes of UK riders that come over here now becasue they have lost access to their lanes.
  13. There is always public outrage against those who want to screw up access for everyone by riding like dicks and as for damage away from the greenways there is loads as you are probably well aware and as you state "All of the problems relate to damage on Sky Hill and Ballaragh and are always reported to be on the path or alongside it as the path widens" but they shouldn't be widening if you cant ride in the ruts you create you shouldn't be riding, the expanding of tghe paths etc just leads to more and more damage! It damages land even when designated for bike use, just coz it's designated doesn't make it impervious to tyres! the more damage on the lanes the more chance of them being closed or even worse converted in to motorways like Barnell or The Pipeline which make them no fun for anyone. The tracks are always clearly marked but bikers tend to remove posts for more access or like the 2 riding up Bein-y-phott yesterday they go where there is NO acccess at all
  14. Because once you get to the top gate (the very last get before it opens out onto the moorland) it becomes a GWR so no 4x4 access
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