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  1. It was my old router. Took me two or so days to set it up myself with alot of fiddling about a year or two ago. It doesn't automatically get the DNS addresses, some do some don't from what I have read. Anyway, it had been setup for her after I had left and she did a hard reset as she wanted to plug another pc in (that was where the mistake was) so all of the settings were lost. Thanks again %age, I would give you a gold star or something if I could
  2. Seems everything is sorted now! Not sure how, just unplugged stuff and put stuff back in and all seems ok! Wireless routers are a pain along with trying to diagnose problems through a phone call without seeing the problem! Ta anyway!
  3. It seems like it's just the DNS settings (ADSL light doesn't stay on, just flashing), can't for the life of me remember which menu it is to edit the DNS settings (is it in the DHCP menu?). I know she found something that said about DNS settings but instead of primary and secondary it said primary and alternative? It was 196.something.something.something. The model is DSL-G624T If I phone her back and start all over again with a factory reset, avoid the wizard then these are the instructions right? tools > systems > restore to factory default settings. home > WAN > username enter and password enter > save and restart *this is the one i'm not sure of* home > *WHERE ARE THE DNS SETTINGS?! change primary and secondary to and then finally tools > system > save and reboot Is that all there should be to it or have I missed anything? Does it matter if the telephone cable is plugged into the router whilst editing the settings?
  4. Hi, I don't suppose anyone could do a favour (yes another one ) My grandma is having troubles setting up the wireless router in port st mary. It's a d-link. I've tried to walk her through the wizard and got the DNS addresses put in there but it's still not playing ball. I'm over in ireland at the moment so it's hard to try and diagnose problems over the phone. I don't suppose anyone could spend 5-10 mins to nip round and check the setup? It must only be a minor problem but it's hard when you can't see what is going on. I'd be very appreciative! And owe you a pint or something when I'm next back
  5. Thanks for that, he was just interested in where it was now after seeing a painting/photo of it in the art shop in port st mary. I've asked if there is anything else he wishes to know so just waiting for a reply. Thanks very much for that information though! Gold stars for all
  6. Does anyone know anything about an old trawler that was registered in castletown. It was called the ravena belle (or something to that effect). Grandparent used to work on it and was curious as to where it is now. Thanks if you can help.
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    Pah, to many cats around. If you want a cat you should keep it indoors rather then letting them go shit everywhere (other peoples gardens, walkways etc). Cats should be kept on leads at all times if let outside and the owners made to pick up after them.
  8. Yeah, I know that they do not have a headquarters here, the point was that they are registered here. Any other wordwide companies with household products registered/based on the island?
  9. Just found out that Ubuntu (the famous linux distribution) is by a company called Canonical Ltd which is registered in the Isle of Man! Any other worldwide known companies registered in the island?
  10. Cannabis does have a long repercussion. For example, if youths start smoking it and they think it's cool then their friends do to and it has a big chain effect until you have a big group of 'stoners' who have left school with no qualifications and no future prospects. However if treated with the same respect as alcohol (once a week/special occasions) I cannot see the harm in it. I was in a school where cannabis use was very high and after growing up I can distinctly differentiate between the people who started smoking it daily (who are now are 'screwed' for later life) and the people who treat it with respect who do quite well. I think the law of it being a 'hard drug' has alot to do with how much it rates on a 'cool standard'. In conclusion, I feel that if there is an age law like tobacco, then hopefully people will be mature enough to treat it with respect and not become addicted (fair do's, alot of people are easily addicted to things). However, it would restart the islands tourism industry i'm sure and bring much needed funds into the island.
  11. indeed, seems abit shit, a few years back, got a creative 'jukebox'. Was like 200 squid, a 30/60 gb mp3 player. Was great part from the headphone jack socket kept breaking. You can't find one nowadays and a normal mp3 player is only what? 6gb? Seems a step in the wrong direction, anyway, still wouldn't jump over to the evil side....
  12. indeed, you can always try a live cd aswell, wont take long after you get your 8mb broadband (which i'm still patiently waiting for)
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    divide all the dimensions by 32?
  14. £150 on it's way to you sir! Deal looks pretty damned good if you ask me.........
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