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  1. Buy a motorcycle - I rarely have any traffic problems.
  2. Thanks guys - as you may be able to gather, I'm into my bikes more - but if they're here, it would be rude not to have a look.
  3. I'm sure I saw something online about a group of supercars coming over to the Island the other day - maybe an enthusiasts club? Does anyone know anything about this - better still where I can go an ogle them if they're still around.
  4. A real person who's revealed 500 genuine e-mail addresses of Island tax payers. BIG MISTAKE - I'm not a happy chappie. Reported to Data Protection.
  5. Conister is owned by Manx Financial Group http://www.mfg.im/board-senior-management About as Manx as Vladimir Putin Manx Finincial Group are based in the Isle of Man, pay taxes in the Isle of Man, with the vast majority of their staff on the Isle of Man, and aren't owned by the UK tax payer like so many other banks. They're listed on AIM, and have many shareholders on the Island - how much more Manx can you get? Not sure why you think a Russian is more Manx?
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-26293626 An "unprofitable" red phone box in Cregneash will be kept as a working pay phone after a local business stepped in to save the "iconic kiosk." Last month a planning application for the removal of a red phone box was submitted by Manx Telecom. In December the company announced plans to decommission and remove six red phone boxes said to be "unprofitable." But Conister Bank have now reached an agreement with Manx Telecom that will see it restored as a working pay phone. 'Cultural landscape' Last year more than 500 Isle of Man residents signed an online petition to persuade the company to reverse its decision to remove the phone boxes. A spokesman for Conister Bank said it will be "kept in place as an operational payphone for the next ten years" and that "Manx Telecom will reinstall the phone inside that had already been removed". Managing Director Juan Kelly said: "They've become an adopted part of the Manx cultural landscape and we felt we had to do something to help preserve the Cregneash phone." Cregneash site manager Helen Ashcroft added that the red phone box is a "real attraction for tourists". So far Malew is the only local authority to save its phone box. It will pay £300 maintenance a year for the Derbyhaven kiosk because of its "possible emergency use in the active harbour". The red phone box was introduced in 1936 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V's coronation. There are currently more than 100 pay phones on the Isle of Man - about two thirds of those are the traditional red variety.
  7. Domino - is it always being so positive & happy that keeps you going?
  8. Biker killed - witnesses requested. http://www.iomtoday....crash_1_4108315
  9. RIP Neil and my sympathies to his family and friends. Also thinking of the marshals and medics at the scene last night and their efforts on Neil's behalf.
  10. Wishing Brian all the best for a full and quick recovery. Hopefully I'll see him up and about soon.
  11. Youngst we had on Saturday was 7.
  12. No Strings Badminton Sessions The Isle of Man Badminton Association organise ‘No Strings’ sessions for the month of August THE Isle of Man Badminton Association is offering taster sessions in the sport every Saturday in August. This initiative is open to anyone of any age or ability who is not already a member of a local club to give them a taste of badminton in a friendly and relaxed setting. There will also be qualified coaches on hand to answer any questions and to provide assistance with techniques, rules and regulations. The sessions will take place every Saturday in August from 9am-11am at the National Sports Centre and cost £1. There are no registration forms to complete, anyone interested can just turn up and play. For any queries or questions please contact badminton development officer, kerry.penswick@gov.im or call 651572.
  13. 1. What is a Scotsman doing posting in a thread about football? 2. If you only need to beat one other club to become champions, its hardly a great achievement, is it? 3. How long are they likely to last in Europe this time? P.S. I'd say exactly the same if Celtic had won. 1. Why not - it's a Scottish game. ???????????????????? 2. 11 other clubs in the Premier League. And how many have been champions in, say, the last 26 years?. No idea - look it up yourself since you're interested. 3. We lasted to the middle of March this season, December the season before, just August the season before (we're allowed an off season) and all the way to THE FINAL in May of the previous season. Errrm.... The final was the EUFA Cup if memory serves - not the Euro Champions Refer to original point No Manx teams can match that [Agreed, they're not entered because they're affiliated to the English FA] exactly - and precious few other European teams. Now you're having a laugh! Erm - nope! Any more education required - let me know. Any more education required - let me know.
  14. Appledene is listed as a corner earlier - it has in fact 4 marshalling points: Appledene Approach (field entrance opposite Rhenny Road) Appledene Flag (up scaffolding on the left-hand bend before cottage on right) Appledene (Sometimes known as Appledene 2 - field entrance on right following left-hander) Appledene Kennels (end of 'straight' past Greeba kennels on outside of right-hand bend).
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