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  1. mjelski

    Local Elections

    You gonna run this time Rhumsaa? I know you talked about it last time!!
  2. mjelski

    Folk Music

    The folks night used to be Thursday. Has it moved?
  3. mjelski

    [BBC News] Youths arrested in street brawl

    Get em down the mines!!
  4. mjelski

    So Which Is The Best Beer Tent Then?

    Much preferred Bushy's myself. Not that I got there much!!!
  5. Bet she had a nice weekend back in jail anyway!!
  6. mjelski

    Cathedral To Demand Sony Apology

    I don't understand how the cathedral didn't know about it. Surely they'd have had to go in and photo it and everything to do this?
  7. mjelski


    We should ship the MB community here the few weeks/months/years/decades it takes to bring MB back online!!
  8. mjelski

    Moly's Win

    Well done to Mols for grabbing the double. Awesome!!
  9. mjelski

    The Traf - Friday 8th June

    Its mad!! Really good crowd and a great mix of music. Get yourselves down!!
  10. mjelski

    Gaillard - What A Prick!

    The problems in Greece were all the "scummy" Liverpool fans jumping over and pushing through the barriers into the stadium. They had one scouse tosser on BBC News who was saying he jumped a barrier and ended up with a seat right behind the goal. They said to him do you not feel bad that because of you the real owners of that seat didn't get in and he said "No not at all, I got to see the match!" Sums up some Liverpool fans for me.
  11. mjelski

    Back Door Slam & Friends

    Bernie Quayle was playing them last night on my way home from James Toselands band Crash's gig at the Villa. Awesome songs and Bernie was digging them!!!
  12. mjelski

    Gratiz3 At The Office

    Yeah wicked to see the lads playing the rock songs again. They were absolutely class. Really enjoyed their set. Looking forward to the Cornerhouse on Thursday The Kens were good too. Really like the way those guys play. Saw Anna Goldsmith for the first time too. My god that girl can sing. She is incredible!!