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  1. The way in which Stu Peters has been villified is shameful. He has a right to express his opinion. We are a democratic society. In fact, he was commenting about disruptive behaviour in general. Incidentally, an evening at the Gaiety was pretty much ruined some years ago by a group of special needs adults on the back row of the stalls who were unable to sit quietly. One male was actuallly whooping out loud at key moments in the play. I would not have dared complain at the time for fear of seeming heartless - and frankly because I felt nothing but compassion for that individual. But there are times when the rights of an individual should not ride roughshod over the rights of the majority. I am so upset on Stu's behalf. No wonder people (like me) dare not reveal their identities. The mob has whipped itself into a frenzy. This is political correctness at its very worst and a clear attempt to stifle free expression. Dangerous.
  2. Let's get it straight ... Singer was working as a free-lance contract pharmacist for years until fairly recently - mainly in Ramsey. Think you are referring to a time before that when he owned Singer's Pharmacy in St Paul's Square ... sold it to Lloyds. Can't remember when.
  3. Singer continued to hold down a part-time job (as a pharmacist) for many years during his political 'career' but seems to be making a meal of Allinson planning to do the same. Blatant hypocrisy. Singer is now 73 but happy to be introduced on Manx Radio as in his 'late 60s'. Really hope he doesn't get in again. The guy's a slimeball.
  4. Any friends he might have would do well to persuade him to change his mind. The words 'guaranteed public humiliation' spring to mind. Silly old sod.
  5. http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/76790/jurby-prison-charity-lock-in Disgraceful.
  6. There is something deeply sinister about the Living Church. They have found The Way and the rest of us poor mortals walk in darkness. Very disturbing. An appalling notion to brainwash kids with.
  7. It is THE major link from the North - I get really fed up with the amount of closures - if you have an important appointment in Douglas, you just cannot be sure of your journey time. And while I'm at it, will slow-moving vehicles please get off it. Am sick of being stuck behind massive lorries which cannot get above 30 mph uphill. You shouldn't be on there. Same with pushbikes ... what the hell are you doing up there? Yours - Sour Arse of Ramsey.
  8. There is a Diabetes Centre and I really would describe that as a Centre of Excellence. However, have had patchy experience of the rest of Noble's - some good, some downright disgraceful. Down to the personalities of the staff as far as I can see - some motivated and want to deliver the best service possible - some really couldn't give a shit.
  9. Have travelled over the mountain twice in the last few days and each time, there has been at least one cyclist holding up traffic and posing a threat to the safety of all. You would think that common sense would dictate that cycling over the mountain in the TT fortnight is ridiculous but since common sense does not seem to be coming into play, is it time to make a stand against these selfish idiots and push for a formal ban in time for TT 2014?
  10. Anyone know why there is no tannoy on The Swan this TT? Parliament Square is usually a brilliant place to spectate but the only speakers are on the Town Hall and could not be heard by anyone standing outside the two Parliament Square pubs. An international sporting event and we really did not have a clue what was going on. What has happened?
  11. Did Singer actually move in to publically subsidised accommodation in Ramsey or was he sensitive to the public outcry? Has just been mentioned again on Manx Radio. Anyone know?
  12. Just listening to him challenge Bell on Manx Radio - Alfie Cannan is brilliant.
  13. It's all very well displaying the old spirit of Dunkirk - but the decision to cause maximum inconvenience to the community and visitors beggars belief. I have had great sympathy for the bus drivers but this is a very poor decision and will probably quash the little support that is still out there. I remain hopeful that the strike will be called off .... and that no-one will need to thumb a lift. Can you imagine the chaos that could cause along our roads when they are packed with bikes? Come on bus drivers - call it off.
  14. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of a Church of the Rock controlled facility in Ramsey. In my experience, Christian zealots will take any opportunity to insidiously recruit - particularly kids - and I am relieved that this particular opportunity appears to have been lost to them.
  15. I hope that public pressure will get him to back down on this one. What on earth possessed him to think that no-one would bat an eyelid? Shameful.
  16. He divorced years ago and owns a luxury flat on Ramsey seafront. Pretty sure he still owns that. I couldn't care less that he qualifies for the subsidised housing. It is so very, very, very wrong.
  17. Front page of today's Independent. It really stinks. Silly old fool.
  18. People holding public office should be squeaky clean. They should not run the risk of being perceived to be using their 'status' to their own personal advantage. Poor judgement by Mr Singer but according to the jungle drums, no surprise.
  19. Gross exaggeration in the new employee's profile. 'Sales team'? The Ramsey company mentioned is little more than one man & a dog. Was this post advertised?
  20. Er - this is a democracy - opposition is integral to that democracy. Shameful hissy-fit from AB.
  21. Maggie's Farm - Dylan You won't get me, I'm part of the Union - Strawbs Played back-to-back for the misguided individuals who think there's a connection ...
  22. Is it true that Leonard Singer has sold his home and is now in local authority housing? It's been mentioned twice on Manx Radio this week but only as a rumour ....
  23. 'I was stood' .... instead of 'I stood' or 'I was standing'. 'I was sat' instead of 'I sat' or 'I was sitting'. Not those exact words but a similar mix up of the tenses can be heard on Alex Brindley's Steampacket Safety Message .... poor show ... irritates me every trip.
  24. Why can't they freeze the post and see how they manage without for a couple of years? I agree that someone will already be lined up for this one. So depressing.
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