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  1. On the Island, or a mini break away? It was on the island and it was lovely and relaxing. :0)
  2. Stop moaning and get a coat and scarf on!!!!!
  3. Its nice to know that romance is not dead.
  4. We are going to stop at a hotel, dinner, bed and breakfast, I am looking forward to it.
  5. Is anybody doing anything romantic on Saturday like getting engaged, cooking a romantic meal etc????? I know its a load of hype but its a bit of fun.
  6. Nothing. Now how positive is that!!
  7. the fact that I have had a real crap headache for the past 2 days and its getting me down.
  8. No, but sometimes I feel like one. How you doin anyway? How are your sisters??
  9. the fact that tomorrow is Thursday and not Saturday
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