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  1. I think you are right. I might call the DoI tomorrow. I think there is a problem at York Road / Somerset Road sometimes too.
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/automatic-exchange-of-information-agreements-other-uk-agreements/automatic-exchange-of-information-agreements-other-uk-agreements The Isle of Man entered into an agreement with the UK government to mutually exchange information on bank accounts held in one jurisdiction by residents of the other jurisdiction. Collating and transmitting this information every year would be quite a chore and therefore would be a good reason for HSBC Isle of Man to get rid of accounts held by UK residents.
  3. Yes an Isle of Man driving licence is ok to get to the UK. You may need a passport for international travel.
  4. Agreed, surely the tax office could just run a computer report selecting a random selection of employment earnings and base the report on that? Having spent time filling out this form, I do wonder if it just civil servants making more work for themselves...
  5. It is true that dividing it by resident is a crude calculation but it gives an idea of the money that is currently being gouged out of the island by a private equity company.
  6. £25m profit across 75,000 people is £333 profit per person (?)
  7. bosh

    The Thirsty Pigeon

    I think it used to be the offices of Credit Suisse.
  8. Exactly. I was talking about doing it but nobody answered the phone. Would be handy to know where you can do it. Try ringing again, the phone number in the link is correct. There is a session tomorrow morning at the old hospital, Jubilee Suite, 9:30 until noon.
  9. Quite a few offices won't offer more than minimum wage for someone in the position that you mention. The lack of gaps on his CV by taking one of these "low paid" jobs will be more valuable in the long term than a few extra pounds in his pocket in the short term. If he is worth more, his employer will increase his salary so that they don't lose him.
  10. I think you've misinterpreted the intention of whatever document you were quoting (without referencing the source). Unfair dismissal is a term within the Employment Act 2006 and is one of the key types of case that are referred to the Employment Tribunal. I think the document is trying to emphasise the fact that temps can't make applications to the Employment Tribunal claiming unfair dismissal. If you dig a bit deeper into it you will find that you need to have worked for an employer for at least twelve months to file an unfair dismissal claim to the Employment Tribunal, so the position is actually "worse" than you think it is for short term or temporary workers. The cost to the taxpayer of running the Employment Tribunal would skyrocket if temps and short term workers were allowed to clog up the system with claims related to short term employment relationships.
  11. I always wondered if the owner of Y I MAN was a Geordie. It's on a clapped out old Escort estate.
  12. Presumably he was suspended on full pay while the investigation was undertaken. You can't really announce that someone is on paid leave while police are investigating him! I hope they are innocent.
  13. And what do you do with the watermelon you've scanned? Stuff it up your jumper and pretend you're pregnant?
  14. If samples were sent away for analysis how come there is uncertainty about the type of poison? If the dog ate a lethal dose on Saturday, surely they would know exactly what the posion was.
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