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  1. The Grosvenor in Andreas, beautiful meat, great and varied veg :-)
  2. Ramsey's ace with loads of new businesses joining some great established ones.... Some lovely stuff in the deli, gorgeous Italian Gelato and loads of great shops for buying crafty things, unusual presents and well-made, well-priced clothing and preloved high fashion and dress hire... come and check it out before you mock! No I'm not the owner of any of the businesses in Ramsey, just someone who enjoys walking through the town (maybe with an ice cream) and is genuinely glad to live here!
  3. A great night, lovely to meet you all..... promise to 'lurk' less in future!
  4. Really sorry to hear that and hope that everything goes as well as it can.
  5. The Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...........
  6. I once heard from a vet in a radio phone in, that the way to despatch small animals humanely was to put them in the freezer as it slows down the heart rate etc...... Not sure I'd be happy about that hygiene-wise though.....
  7. thanks - what company is that from? Depends on the type you need..... http://www.bruxism.org.uk/choosing-a-night-guard.php
  8. If it's for teeth grinding you can buy a bruxism guard online that you can mold yourself....?
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