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  1. That'll cost us a fortune... If the government created tax incentives, rental holidays and the like for the retail and leisure sector, just like it did for space research, e-gaming and the film industry, the Island would attract more visitors or, at least, create an Island in which more visitors would wish to return. This would boost the economy in itself. Furthermore, local youths who have nothing better to do but hang around the Promenade drinking would finally have somewhere to go, which all young people here deserve - when I was a teenager in the 70s there was loads to do here. Th
  2. Some time since this was discussed, but Spice India in Douglas, does the finest Chicken Tikka (dry) I've ever tasted. Their Masala sauce is gorgeous too. The staff are so pleasant. It really is a pleasure to visit. It's the one take-away which unites our family, as we all like something from their menu. Saves me going to 4 different take-aways to keep everyone happy!
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