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  1. I find this story very disturbing, was on a carriage at the top with several others waiting for the train to depart before any staff had got on board just this weekend and a few years ago on a stargazing evening the carriage was fully loaded, blowing a very strong hooley and pissing down when the driver got off to get something from cafe. Beyond lucky that this, the Laxey bus on the bridge and the MER tram that overturned last summer were all empty and no one was injured or worse
  2. Sorry no, I bought trailer from new for help in moving to island six years ago from Halfords. Apart from then and about dozen or so trips to either Haldene Fisher or the dump is has been stored under its cover. Its not the sort of thing you would want to photograph and for the last three years I have managed without a camera but I have attached a photo of something similar from web, but mine does not have a drop down back. Its not pristine but not like some of the homemade jobs you see around.
  3. This is a 4ft by 3ft trailer, complete with a never used spare wheel/tyre and electrics. Comes with a tarpaulin cover and also a custom made heavy duty tarpaulin cover for the whole of trailer which alone cost £45. Can be collected from Laxey for £85 Tel 860186
  4. I have a Ring 4amp battery charger for sale, unopened in box, which was a unwanted present. Bought from DMS in Douglas and with receipt for £19. Can collect from Laxey Ring 860186 or 01724 246911
  5. Hi This was bought as a refurbishment project which I never found time for. It works okay and just needs tiding up, for example the cards for song titles need replacing. The photo is a library one but my machine looks the same. Complete with records. software for new title cards, new stylus the sound will take you back to the seventies. £425 or near offer. Can be seen working in Laxey email or phone 860186
  6. This is small 4ft by 3ft trailer, complete with a never used spare wheel and fitted with electrics. Comes with a tarpaulin cover for top and also a custom made heavy duty tarpaulin cover for whole of trailer, which alone cost £45. Only £95 email or phone me at home on 860186
  7. Looking for space to park Motorhome in Laxey area not huge 5.5m long and in vgc. Indoors or outside if reasonably secure. Willing to pay going rate
  8. Hi everyone, the ghost trains are running again in Laxey. Starting Sunday 21st and then Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October. They start at 1pm and run to 7pm and tickets remain £1 for kids and £2 for adults. New attractions this year and most of the old favourites. If you dont like queeing come this Sunday or lunch times.With everyone jumping on the Halloween events, we need your support as the income goes towards providing our attraction during the summer season for locals and tourists. As ever we also want volunteers who can spend some time on Saturdays. Railway is owned by Laxey and Lonan
  9. This was bought across for wife just over 4 years ago. Its the Rolls Royce of bicycles handmade in England. This is unblemished, has been kept indoors and only been used about a dozen times before an old knee injury flared up. Now on sale at between £530 and £580 on web plus delivery we are asking for £200 no offers please. Ebay sells this bike occasionaly and even the well used ones go for £200 plus. With the original booklets and remainder of 5 year guarantee, the bike looks brand new and can be seen in Laxey. laurieroome@yahoo.co.uk
  10. Thank you all for your comments both kind and not so. Last Sunday alone over 1% of the island came to our little railway and the vast majority were happy, with a few saying it wasnt scarry enough, a few saying it was too scary and some moaning about the wait. A family of four could come on the steam ride and have some dinky donuts and teas for about a tenner which compares favourably to the 'big train' No one asked for a refund and no one was injured. Other than give my mob number out on the publicity and inviting people to ring before leaving home, I cannot see any way to avoid the problem.
  11. Let me explain a little more. The railway run from 1877 until 1929 when the Laxey Mine closed. It was made for carrying ore only not passengers. In 1999 work started to restore with replica engines and wagons and to give the public an experience , two carriages were built. Because the engines power and height restrictions in the tunnel, the carriages only seat around ten. This is unlike all railways on the island and across which were built ( normaly by the victorians) to carry passengers. Althrough the line is not long each journey takes 10 mins which allows the passengers to see and hear e
  12. For Pierrot and others that had to queue on last Sunday I can only apologise. We run the trains for three weekend days over Halloween period, but as the weather was not great on two of them, everybody turned up on Sunday. On many a day while setting it up and particulary on Sat 29th, I spent a few hours being soaked by almost horizontal rain and a freezing wind. Each time we were open , I like other volunteers, were there from 9am to 8pm with no breaks apart from the odd drink so do find some comments offensive. Pierrot why not actualy help out instead of moaning, I devote about 20 -30 hou
  13. Once again its getting spooky time. The Ghost Trains will be running in Laxey from noon to at least 7pm on Sat 29th and Sun 30th October at the unbelievable price of £1 for kids and £2 an adult. We are all volunteers so that is why we can keep prices low, but we have the only decorated dark tunnel on the island and plenty of new suprises with lights, noises and live actors. Laser show if this wind finaly drops, hot refreshments and much much more. Over 200 visited us on Sun 23rd Oct so ask your friends or neighbours, perhaps they came and I am sure they would have enjoyed themselves.
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