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  1. "Asked what the latest evidence showed on the effectiveness of boosters, Sir John said: 'All three of the original vaccines — the AstraZeneca vaccine and the two mRNA vaccines — have been unbelievably effective at eliminating that really dreadful disease that caused so many deaths early on." You missed out that bit from your argument.
  2. So what's going on down there this morning?! 90 min delays on both flights
  3. Except that they're telling people on Facebook that the route isn't available to book beyond March 2023 yet as negotiations are still ongoing with the IOM Gov. If they were that committed to planning to operate it they wouldn't be seeing how much they can cream out of the Manx taxpayer.
  4. One of the ATRs has been tech today. They've had 2 E145s flown in across today to operate some flights and MCR is running with a 5+ hour delay.
  5. Evening LCY and LPL Loganair cancelled again today. Evening LCY has been cancelled 3 times this week. LPL twice (I think). What is going on?!
  6. LCY & LPL Loganair cancelled this evening, presumably related to the wind / direction. If only we had a crosswind runway we could use!
  7. Are we still having ATC breaks when aircraft are wanting to leave? EZY MAN landed on time. Delayed 30 minutes going back due to "ATC Restrictions".
  8. Another total waste of public money to provide very little (if any) benefit.
  9. Hooper is absolutely useless. Total waste of time. The Government is just a joke.
  10. "reflecting the island's distinctive environment as a hub of digital innovation. " HAHA
  11. I'm going to report it to them. It's absolutely pathetic we've got this shambles going on. Typically IOM Government though.
  12. Noticed the "new" airport website is incredibly slow to load actual flight data too. It should be almost instantaneous. I think the problem is that they've got a big green IOM that seems to load very slowly (massive image maybe) and it doesn't load flight data until its done !
  13. I live and was born on the IOM!
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