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  1. BRS outbound was cancelled again. No idea why as we got in fine ! Did notice getting off that there was no one sat in the holding pen downstairs which thought was weird. EZY will be delighted their AC is stuck here overnight now. The rescue flight isn't due to leave until 1pm back to Bristol tomorrow now, presumably until the crew get back in hours again.
  2. Quite a mental post really. Easyjet don't want their aircraft stuck circling for hours burning thousands of pounds of fuel. We circled the Island for about half an hour and we could see the fog was bad. If they could land then they would. Obviously their limits don't allow them to. If they did attempt to land and ended up crashing then I'm sure the questions would be asked why they attempted in the first place. Diverting us to Liverpool instead of Bristol kept the window open for the weather to improve (as per forecast). It didn't look it was going to which is why we were going back to Bristol. Now that the weather has we are going to the IOM again which have saved probably circa 300 people inconvenience on both the inbound and outbound flights, as well as hotels and rearranged flights tomorrow. Don't know what else they are supposed to do.
  3. Currently on Easyjet BRS (which diverted to Liverpool) and we are going to be going to IOM shortly. We're originally told we were going back to Bristol with a hotel and overnight stay. but weather has now improved enough for an attempt. Crew have been great keeping us up to date.
  4. They were outside QE2 this afternoon too.
  5. The new ATR72 that was flown in by Loganair on Sunday has had a great start. Around an hour of delays on Monday afternoon. Tech issue yesterday afternoon resulting in hours of delays as a replacement had to be flown in. Already half an hour behind schedule today.
  6. If you've downloaded the .PDF then you can't have any internet or website issues. It's a downloaded .pdf to your device that doesn't require the internet to open.
  7. Fancy a holiday to Wales? https://blaeneinion.org/faqs/ The above retreat is ONLY accepting bookings from unvaccinated people (and you have to phone to book, presumably so she can vet you). Due to 'significant reports' of the damaging effects on unvaccinated people from hanging round vaccinated people. Absolute nut jobs.
  8. I was there too and this pretty much sums up my feelings on it. Was quite disappointed listening to Cowin. Cussons just rambled on and on and didn't really answer the question he was asked. Lee has potential when he get a bit older / more experience but it isn't the right time for him. Don't want Harmer & Boot to get back in. Leaving Brennan & Crookall who both spoke well I thought.
  9. The videos on FB look dreadful already. People going over it, through it, round it, no one has any idea what to do with it. Nothing standard about it in the slightest. Only a matter of time until there's an accident there.
  10. "Both vaccines came with a tiny risk of causing blood clots, with scientists branding their safety profiles 'broadly similar'. Pfizer's jab may even be more likely to trigger the rare blood-clotting complication, the data suggested. In contrast, the virus itself was eight times more likely to lead to thromboembolism than either jab." -- UK regulators saw 411 instances of vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis after AstraZeneca's jab up to July 28. A total of 43 cases occurred after a second dose. At that time, 24.8million Britons had received their first AstraZeneca jab and 23.6m had already been fully-vaccinated.
  11. He probably still refuses to use a contactless card too, demanding to pay by cheque.
  12. Ashford did say on Manx Radio yesterday lunchtime he HOPED we would be able to have access to the NHS Digital QR LETTERS within the next 10 days. But this isn't guaranteed and the app is 'a matter of weeks away'.
  13. We need this sorting before October the 1st or we're going to be locked out of music, sport etc. In the UK The international travel thing will be affecting some at the moment as well. This should be getting pushed by the IOM, but we won't be.
  14. Eugh. Disastrous for the Island again. Relying on a maximum of 2 Gatwick flights a day for our London traffic. With no early flight some days (and I wouldn't call getting to London (Crawley) at 11am early either).
  15. Here's a photo I've just taken from the back of the big cruise ship in Liverpool today 😎 The new IOM terminal site looks a total car crash
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