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  1. I hope you've read the leaflets that come with paracetamol and ibuprofen too. Are you put off having them ?
  2. Remember how we were all going to become infertile ? Is that line no longer getting peddled anymore.
  3. It's the same as them constantly saying "there were 3 yellow card deaths reported on the IOM after the vaccine". Anyone know any of these 3 people ? A 98 year old could've have the vaccine and died 20 days later from natural causes. They jump all over it like it had to have been the vaccine.
  4. I knew bitchute was coming at the end of that 😁 All these nuts on Facebook post videos to there. It's like a youtube for conspiracy theorists.
  5. It's scheduled when the majority of people are at work and they're worried about low registrations? So out of touch.
  6. Someone on FB reported a bird strike on landing of the inbound
  7. They ended up in Ashford's shredder with the Dr Glover letter
  8. Yep. Virtually everyone treats it like a roundabout which is the only reason it works.
  9. I really despise driving / walking down the promenade these days for all the reasons mentioned previously. Not wide enough Parking spaces not big enough Horse tram tracks too far apart making the promenade not wide enough Horse tram signal system that cost an insane amount of money for horse trams to run another 15 metres Utterly f'ing stupid horse tram tracks that cross over the middle of the road Stupid signage telling people not to drive down the horse tramway due to ridiculous design of road layout in the first place 20mph speed limit Unable to see signage telling me it's a 20mph speed limit Roundels Pedestrian walkway path on the sea side still looks as crap as it did previously with partially painted old lines due to not being refurbed Tarmac cracking Pink tarmac down the middle of the road Not one member of Government taking any responsibility or suggesting anything is even slightly wrong with it But other than that, it's fine
  10. 67k to remove all the rust from the horse tram rails recently https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/horse-tram-rust-removal-costs-almost-70000/?fbclid=IwAR3Cm6X8hcLTExESOK-_e5-ECECLTid288oERz0L-oKRPB2nCUDCgKycwqA 😅
  11. The Government's IT systems are woefully out of date. The website / Online services looks like it was created by a child. We can't do many things that you can do in the UK (renew a driving license, apply for a passport to name two of them). They're 'ok' but no way the level they could be. You can see how little things are joined up within the Government (GP system not linked to Hospital, everything paper based a manual letter writing etc.) Have it on good authority from someone who works there that the OS used on many machines is well out of date too and they'd be in trouble if MS came along to audit them.
  12. I have no idea what any of that means. People just want to get offended by everything these days.
  13. Manannan damaged en-route from Belfast due to the weather and is being assessed at the moment. Trudged along at only 15knts with big weather routing until she rounded the Point of Ayre. Journey took 4 hours 15 mins instead of the usual 2hrs 55 mins. Hope some onboard got some videos. Must have been awful.
  14. Dublin for me is still partially down to the lack of morning flight. This used to allow seemless transatlantic connections all on a through ticket. People going via Dublin to go the US now have to go the night before which may be putting some off / seeing is as more hassle than going to the UK where there are more options to fall back on if something goes wrong. I hope they reintroduce this soon.
  15. I did. Yesterday the flight was cancelled about 1.30pm with the app showing the reason as ATC restrictions. If any terminal issue occurred it was after the flight was already cancelled. At that time the aircraft operating the flight was on schedule on the afternoon run. Today when I wrote the post the aircraft was just over half an hour late landing in Nice (pretty much on time) and time that could easily be made up in the return leg. No idea what caused the return leg to be so delayed but at the time I wrote it it hadn't left yet and wasn't that late. I don't know what ATC restrictions again that caused the flight to be cancelled which is what they're cited again on the app today. My facts were fine ta.
  16. Both yesterday and today the aircraft due to operate the evening flight have been pretty much on time back into LGW in the early evening so very little other reasons why it would be cancelled when the crew were on the plane.
  17. No idea, but the AC that was due to operate the flight has been on schedule today. It could be us closing 'early' of course due to staffing.
  18. Due to ATC restrictions
  19. There was a light AC visible on FR24 on the runway a few minutes ago with a fire truck in accompaniment. Now seems to have been moved off and Dublin has landed.
  20. Agreed! Misread it and have removed.
  21. Off you go then. Go and perform 10 consecutive u-turns round the quarterbridge and see how you get on. Record a video of it as well please.
  22. The highway code does say "Avoid making u-turns on mini-roundabout"
  23. Came back last night on the delayed LGW flight. It was looking close to cancellation! Didn't take off from LGW until 21.15 and landed just before 22.10. The captain said they had to get LGW to give them a slot 'as soon as they were ready for it' and pointed out there wasn't much more room for delay, presumably otherwise it would've been cancelled. The A/C was late in from Belfast but sat at the gate for around half an hour before busses turned up to take pax to the domestic exit which then delayed us getting on. I wasn't feeling confident when they said the new ETD was 20.55. At least they operated it though.
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