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  1. My thoughts go out to the Families of Bill and Kevin at their loss, they were both very popular lads about the races and will be missed by many, RIP
  2. Happy days for the Yokels the Fun Fare has arrived
  3. Anyone? Really? That's some assumption. That is an incorrect assumption ThankU! Aint seen you in the Paddock this year, you still about Still no press release at the Paddock
  4. Cant wait to leave the Island later today, wont have to listen to all the moaning
  5. Although you profess to be a supporter of road racing on the island I don't think any other Manx Forums user does more damage to the cause than you. ????????????????
  6. And why, because you have very little else to do.
  7. The Grandstand at the Paddock has been packed out for the first two Practices and guess what mostly LOCALS,????????????
  8. No, we haven't heard any facts, but they're likely to be heartbreaking. But Hey, the tourist figures are up. Do you work for the Tourist Board or are you private sector insensitive? NO But I do know more about the risks involved with road racing than any on here
  9. Not saying that there was a fatality last night, but two weeks ago at a Road Race in the Czech Republic three riders lost their lives, and Czech Republic run more pure road races than any other country and no one moans about it, and the Press here and and the rest of the world dont make a big thing about it.
  10. Seeing as we have not heard the true facts of last nights incident, you all seem to be coming out of your boring little lives to have the annual moan. have you nothing better to moan about than the races.. The island has seen more Tourist this first week of TT than most of the entire season of last year, new money into the Manx economy.
  11. I don't see why that's necessary, the crew were named on the wireless. It may have been a different crew that was mentioned and a seperate incident. Bit of respect goes a long way
  12. May it be possible to remove the Riders number untill the press release please.
  13. Well the seacat got a hammering today, Ive just done a return delivery to liverpool and many passengers as sick as dogs.
  14. You seem to be the only person in the entire world who didn't already know. Not really, its been all over face book for a while now, but who's the other Football star from the premier.
  15. The Premier league Footballer behind the gagging order has been named on ITV News tonight, Scumbag from a Scum Team, and its Not Rooney this time. And so have the papers. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/may/23/ryan-giggs-named-footballer-injunction-row
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