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  1. I'm not in any way a supporter of Ashford but its a common complaint that Govt uses loaded questions to achieve their desired result. Unfortunately you have fallen into that trap as some people (however deluded) may want to vote for him not to go at question 1. Also describing him in Q1 as a fantasist (however true or not) is not a balanced view either.
  2. Technically you need an IDP to hire although you'll probably be okay with a Manx licence, however if you have an incident the police will probably be looking for an IDP. But is it really worth the risk for what little it costs to take the chance of some jobsworth in a car hire office wanting to adhere to the rules and refusing to let you drive away ?
  3. Isn't this because the UK contractors have better equipment so they can do the job quicker and cheaper (unless of course the DOI 'invests' long millions in equipment that it doesn't have enough work to justify). For once the DOI may actually be doing the right thing but I stand to be corrected.
  4. Granted, you are and as he would have completely screwed everything your life is ruined anyway I wish Vladimir Putin would see the error of his ways
  5. Sadly not ... the Ruskies seem to have blown her up a few weeks ago.
  6. Manannan just left Falmouth ...due here at 19:00
  7. or sisters if self-identifying
  8. while holding a crucifix
  9. addressed to Mr Ashford
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