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  1. Me : I've just found a census return in an unoccupied commercial building while doing a check. Census Op : That's fine I'll mark it as an empty property and that the census is not being returned. Me : Why not mark it as a commercial property which doesn't need a census form so this won't happen again. Census Op : No can do, if the property is on the Govt property list we send a form. Me : So every commercial property will get a form now and in the future, tenants or owners need to ring up and tell you and you need to waste your time by dealing with it each time. Census
  2. Exactly the same issues on a Previa and a Sharan ... my mechanic says its the climate over here.
  3. This was in a BBC article : The government also says British citizens will not need an International Driver's Permit to drive in the EU (unless they still have a paper licence or a licence from the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey or Gibraltar). But they will need to carry a green card to prove they have the right vehicle insurance. I wonder what other goodies are buried within the 1000+ page Brexit document.
  4. Anyone else fail to recognise exactly where that picture was taken which is supposed to be when he arrived ? ... I don't recall a backdrop like that anywhere near Ramsey.
  5. Cards directly from Amex ... both business and personal. I may be wrong but I thought Amex had withdrawn all the UK licences for branded cards a while ago, please post if you know differently.
  6. Just been informed that new American Express cards are no longer available in the IOM ... apparently there has been an instruction issued within the last few days ... applies to CI as well. No-one in the call centre seems to know if or for how long existing cards will be allowed to continue.
  7. When some posters return under another alias I think ... bugger here we go again ... not this time ... welcome back Ronnie.
  8. I agree with you about this being a mistake and making it now unenforceable but I strongly suspect that the real reason it has been changed is because they have cottoned on to the fact that compulsory isolation of whole householders will cause serious issues for anyone unable to exercise their dogs who doesn't have a decent sized garden.
  9. So as I suspected a positive test in the UK means you are trapped there for 14 days. Quote from the IOM Landing Form Confirmation email : You MUST NOT travel if you have symptoms of COVID-19, had a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days or been asked to self-isolate in the last 14 days as a high risk contact of a positive case of COVID-19.
  10. For anyone else in this situation there is an alternative of staying at the Sofitel at Heathrow and having a test overnight. I haven't yet used it myself ... https://all.accor.com/promotions-offers/package-offers/owm012887-001-test-and-rest.en.shtml One thing comes to mind though ... am I right in assuming that travelling to the UK and having a positive result there would then mean it is not possible to travel but equally it would be impossible to then return the the IOM as well ?
  11. Walmesley on 897559 ... not cheap but excellent quality
  12. Quite a while according to staff at Douglas this morning ... she apparently hit an uncharted sandbank which has caused serious damage.
  13. For those who are wondering why Episode 2 wasn't as billed it was because that episode featured someone who has been hauled back inside so it can't be shown until his case is dealt with.
  14. Haven't they completely forgotten about the existing RNLI boathouse ... exactly how will they be able to launch when the beach is no more ?
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